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Old School RuneScape is rife with monsters of all shapes and sizes. Some are a lot more profitable than others, which is something you should be aware of if you want to rack up the riches. So if you are looking to top up your OSRS Gold, then check out this list of monsters that could make you a whole lot of money. We have discussed which bosses can help you make it rain before; the following list focuses on other monsters in OSRS, some of which can make you very rich indeed.

OSRS Monsters That Will Make You Money


Kicking off proceedings are Nechryaels. These demonic Slayer creatures can be tough, and you will need to train beforehand if you are to fight them—so much so that you will need to have reached Slayer task level 80 to tackle them. To face off with Nechryaels, you will need to find them in the Slayer Tower—the only location that you will be able to find them in. Meanwhile, Greater Nechryaels are found in the Catacombs of Kourend.

Nechryaels are renowned for their Rune rare drops. This is what makes them so profitable, with players looking at making around 633K per hour. As such, you may want to focus on these enemies if you’re serious about making a profit.

Brutal Red Dragons

Such an intimidating name, isn’t it? Brutal Red Dragons can also be found lurking in the Catacombs of Kourend. They are situated between the Blue and Brutal Black Dragons in the Red Dragon Slayer assignment. You’ll need to be well-prepared for this task as the dragons are capable of using a potent mixture of Melee, Magic, and even long-ranged Dragonfire attacks.

Yet, be well-prepared by bringing along Antifire Potions and you will fair just fine. Using Protect from Magic will also work well. For your troubles, you can expect to make around 634K per hour tackling these beasts.

Ancient Wyverns

Another potentially profitable Slayer monster is the Ancient Wyvern. These creatures inhabit the Wyvern Cave on Fossil Island. If you are looking to deal some damage to these Wyverns, you will need a Slayer level of at least 82.

That isn’t the only rule that you will need, either. You will also need to take either a Dragonfire, elemental, mind, or Ancient Wyvern shield with you to take them down. They also have Ranged unblockable attacks for you to have to deal with. For your troubles, you stand to make around 646K per hour.

Skeletal Wyverns

On the subject of Wyverns, you will find that Skeletal Wyverns can also make you plenty of cash. They do need a lower Slayer level than Ancients, with players needing to be at Slayer level 72 to do any damage.

You can find the Skeletal Wyverns congregating at the end of the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon. Similarly to the Ancients, a certain shield is also required. You will need elemental, mind, Dragonfire, or Ancient Wyvern shields once more to advance. This is only to reduce damage, and not required to slay them. By slaying them, players can expect to make up to 805K an hour.

Lava Dragons

Shifting from Wyverns back to Dragons, Lava Dragons are also profitable winged beasts. These were once Red Dragons that were altered by their fiery surroundings. To be expected, you can find them in the aptly named Lava Dragon Isle in the Wilderness.

One piece of advice would be to use Magic where possible. This is considered to be a major weakness of the otherwise formidable Lava Dragons. The bones that they drop rate can grant you 85 Prayer experience if you choose to bury them. Burying them on Lava Dragon Isle yet will fetch you 340 Prayer experience. Meanwhile, you are looking at 862K per hour profit with these fiery creatures.

Brutal Black Dragons

Back again with Brutal Dragons, though this time with a darker shade. You will once again need to once venture into the Catacombs of Kourend to take on the Brutal Black Dragons. You will also need to be at Slayer level 77 to inflict any damage as part of a Black Dragon Slayer assignment.

Players will need to traverse the Dragon’s Den once more to find these macabre beasts. They can be reached by heading past the Brutal Blue, or Red Dragons if you haven’t found the shortcut. This can be unlocked by climbing up the vine in the catacombs which opens the hole in Lovakengj. The Brutal Black Dragons use similar attacks as the other Brutal Dragons previously mentioned on this list. That being said, you should already be prepared for the variety of attacks it possesses. If successful, you can expect to hit 996K per hour.

Demonic Gorillas

The Demonic Gorrila is the first monster to kill to venture past the 1M mark. Found in the Crash Site Cavern, these are tough enemies to beat. If you are familiar with the Monkey Madness II quest you may have faced them already. More can be killed after completing the quest, and it is strongly recommended that you do so.

You have to be very cautious around Demonic Gorillas. They tend to be in areas of multi-way combat, and often attack in numbers. This can prove to be a difficult task if you don’t manage to find a safe spot to deal with them. Yet, overcoming them will see you netting around 1.2M per hour.


Normally, Revenants would appear before Demonic Gorillas on this list. This is because they usually pull in around 1.15M. But, there is a method in which you can make more, and surpass this figure.

Revenants can be found in the Revenant Caves in the Wilderness between levels 28 to 34. They have a powerful damage output, and high accuracy to go with it. As with the Demonic Gorillas, these enemies also inhabit a multi-combat stats area. This exposes the player at more risk but offers more rewards. Aside from the generous drops they leave behind, they also offer a lot of gold to be made. To increase your chances, you should use the Toxic Blowpipe. With this, you can kill enemies much faster. Doing so also means you’ll stand to earn over 1.25M per hour.

The Runescape monsters in the database found on this list are certain to make you a lot of OSRS Gold. Be wary of your surroundings in most instances and pay attention to their varied attacks. Putting the time in to grind against all these creatures could make you very rich indeed. Dedication is essential here, just be sure to get your Slayer xp levels up. Not only that, but take the tools you’ll need for each encounter, and you’ll be counting gold in no time at all!

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