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Anybody who works for themselves knows what a juggling act it is to work to make money while also working to find more clients. Everybody has gone through it before. Yet, every industry is different so when it comes to finding new clients as an event planner there are certain things that will make your life easier.

Freelancing as an event planner is a great way to work for yourself with no boss. However, being your own boss means wearing a lot of hats. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to wear the hat that brings in more clients so you can build your portfolio and make more money.

1 – Create an experience

Any event planner can organize an event, but a talented one creates an experience. This means that the event itself is like a vehicle that can take people on an unexpected ride. Instead of just planning the typical things you find at just about every event, try to make it different. Something that people will be talking about, but more importantly, will also share on social media.

The more excited somebody is that leaves an event, the more likely they will mention it on their social media page and will pass the word around to their colleagues and friends that need an event planned.

Try to read the crowd when it comes to who the event is for. If it’s an event for an advertising company with lots of young, creative types then an event that features something different like goat yoga or a human claw machine like the kind you find at an arcade but huge. If the company is more staid then it can still be exciting by having a cooking class or winemaking lesson.

2 – Work with an influencer

The value of an influencer is revealed in the name itself. They have a lot of influence over an audience that is highly motivated to follow their advice. There is a level of trust that followers have with their influencer that they wouldn’t have following a celebrity, for example.

Finding a way to collaborate with them will expose you to their audience and will give you exposure and some new leads. Since influencers usually work within a certain topic, you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

For instance, there may be an influencer that is big in the wedding space and has followers that are likely getting ready for a wedding and would look for a planner.

3 – Specialize

It’s tempting to be a generalist and work within a lot of different niches. Instead, it is much better to pick a narrow topic in which you specialize so you can create a name for yourself.

It’s much easier to get clients when you are known as the person who does corporate events. Or, that you’re the one who music companies love to use since you understand the scene.

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