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The Best Medical Series to Watch While in Self-Quarantine

This coronavirus period could actually be the best time to watch these medical Netflix series. At least get to know more about your body and its health. That way, you will be more healthy and body-conscious.

Netflix has been the best entertainment provider for quite a number of years now. The good thing is they give a wide variety of choices to pick from when it comes to movies and series.

Here are some of the best medical series ever aired by Netflix to keep you entertained while you wait for coronavirus to fade out.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has been in the game since 2005. Therefore, you will have even more seasons to binge-watch on while you catch up.

The series always comes with even more interesting, real and educational medical conditions that you can actually pick a few lessons from.

Nurse Jackie

This series will give you a much lighter and funnier way of getting medical information. After all, you will need to also watch something that will calm you and lighten up the mood.

Therefore, follow the life of drug addict and nurse, Edie Falco. Trying to juggle a demanding job and drug addiction problem might not really be such a good idea.


Scrubs is a much comical version of Grey’s Anatomy. The best part of both series is that they focus on teaching hospitals. Meaning, they will be quite informative when it comes to the different medical conditions covered.

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Private Practise

Private practice is like Grey’s Anatomy sequel. Meaning, it is like a bonus show for those avid Grey’s Anatomy fans. Shonda Rhimes surely knows how to keep her fans glued to their sits!

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