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Orthodontics is the branch of dental work that is concerned with correcting and improving the alignment of the teeth in the jaw so that the teeth not only function better but also look more aesthetically pleasing. You can find out more information about orthodontics and other dental procedures by contacting the Vera Clinic in Istanbul.

About 1/3 of the population has malformed teeth, so orthodontics is in high demand to correct these problems. The best option is to begin orthodontic treatment during childhood while bone and tissues are still developing, and the process may, in some cases, take many years to complete. It is always best to do orthodontic treatments in childhood because by adulthood the skeletal growth is complete and so the person may then need to have surgery done to correct any misalignment or malocclusions.

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Orthodontic procedures

The traditional orthodontic method is the wearing of metal braces over the teeth. These braces often have to be altered after about one or two months. The process usually takes about one to three years to complete.

The idea behind orthodontic braces is that the braces apply a pressure to the teeth to help them move into the correct position, and it also helps the bone to change its shape over time. Today, there are braces made of other materials besides stainless steel, and there are some that are made to be aesthetically pleasing, and are called invisalign braces.

The invisalign braces are constructed of plastic which is clear so that they are not easily visible or obvious. They are much more aesthetically pleasing than stainless steel braces that a person can get. Braces consist of many components including brackets, various wires, and bands.

Over the years, there is the possibility that teeth may return back to the position they were in after the orthodontic procedure has been done. For this reason, many dentists also suggest that patients wear a dental prosthesis known as a retainer.

This is a custom-made device which you wear to keep the teeth in the correct position that has been obtained after the braces have been removed. Calgary orthodontist or dentists often recommend that patients wear a retainer for the first 6 months after the braces are taken off, and then during sleep for several years afterwards. A retainer is made of either rubber or clear plastic and has wires which are designed to fit over the front part of the teeth.

With orthodontics the dentist may have to even extract some teeth if there is too much crowding of teeth in the mouth. This is not a problem for children who do not yet have their adult teeth which is another good reason why the orthodontic process needs to begin as soon as a problem is noticed.

You can continue to play sports if you wear braces but should wear a mouth guard so as to protect your teeth. Your dentist can give you additional advice on caring for your teeth and mouth while you are wearing braces.

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