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The race for true artificial intelligence is one of the ones that are being fought the most fiercely across the planet. However, there are several countries that are pulling ahead in this race. Let us take a look at some of the areas that are developing this technology the quickest and what it could mean for AI development in the future.

Which Countries are Leading AI Development?

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China has taken fantastic leaps forward in the development of AI technology. With a hotspot of technological development rapidly growing in Shenzen. This country is aiming to become a world leader in this sector by 2030, and they have the most valuable AI startup of the moment, Sensetime, which has raised billions so far. Many people, from analysts at respected firms like Cognilytica to investors like Tej Kohli are certain that we are going to see big things from Chinese AI in the future, and this certainly looks to be true.


The US and the brilliance of Silicon Valley has long supported the development of many of the world’s top technologies. When it comes to AI development, this is no different. There are hundreds of companies both in Silicon Valley and all across the US developing technologies that could change our lives forever. There is also a hub of developers appearing in cities like New York where there is also a great demand for support for other companies. We can hope to expect some amazing things from the American technicians in the future.


Across the pond, a lot of AI development is also taking place in the UK. In 2018, the UK government shared ambitions of becoming a lead developer in AI across the world. One of the groups that agreed to meet this challenge was the Russell Group, a collection of twenty-four of the UK’s top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge among others. This places some of the most promising minds of tomorrow at the forefront of the UK’s AI development, and it could result in someone making a discovery that could change everything as we know it.


Japan has been one of the leaders in the development of AI technologies for years now. Thanks to the hard work of Japanese scientists, it is clear that Japan still operates on another level compared to the rest of the world in this sector. They are already looking into many of the applications that AI could have in the future, and are preparing to start the work needed to bring these ideas to life.

These are just four of the countries that are pushing forward with the development of AI. Others like South Korea and Germany are also making great strides. With a global collaborative effort, we may soon see AI becoming even more commonplace than it already is. Though we have already made great progress, it is clear that we are still at the very beginning of AI development. It will be fascinating to see where this journey goes in the future.

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