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Despite there being what would seem like millions and millions of different slot titles continually being released throughout a calendar year, there are some that have simply managed to stand the test of time and appear to mature like a fine wine would with age.

Indeed, whilst there are huge selections of slots available to choose from, there are a number of iconic titles from some exceptional developers in the industry that continue to remain at the very top of the pile, despite having been around for as long as some of the gambling community has been born!

This article will take a look at some of the most popular video online slots that have managed to remain popular over the last 10 years and look to suggest why they have managed to keep up with father time and show no signs of slowing down, despite the title’s age.


Although NetEnt may have released this title towards the beginning of the decade, Starburst has continued to remain a fixture of lists that feature the top slots to play and being amongst the best to choose from.

Indeed, there are a number of reasons that will explain why this title has managed to remain a favourite over the last decade or so, though, with each of them being incredibly appealing to players and perhaps defining exactly what a slot game should be.

Starburst features impressive graphics that help immerse those who play, whilst it combines them with a simple gameplay experience that requires no effort or skill to enjoy. Furthermore, the bonus features available make the game as interesting as possible, whilst the return to player (RTP) rate of 96.10% provides bettors with a chance of obtaining a win with each spin!

Book of Dead

Released in 2016, Play’n GO’s Book of Dead slot game has a reputation within the slot game market as being one of the ultimate slots to play and one of the best to have ever been created.

Again, the developer is an industry leader when it comes down to providing bettors with everything that they could want from a slot, with immersive and exceptional graphics having been designed – this time taking the ever-popular Ancient Egyptian theme and running with it – whilst packing the simple game with bonus features that can make the entire gaming experience one that is potentially lucrative.

Following a standard playing grid format of 5 reels and 3 rows (as well as 10 paylines), this game immediately appeals to players looking for familiarity, simplicity and enjoyment without the complexities that some games may provide. Oh, don’t forget the RTP rate of 96.20% either!

Gonzo’s Quest

We are going to cheat a little here and go back 11 years for another of one of the most popular slot games to have ever been created. If we did not, then avid slot game players would never forgive us!

Why have we gone back an extra year? For NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest slot game, of course! This title has remained an incredible option for players even in 2021 and remains one of the first choices that many punters will look for when they are participating in an online gambling session.

The game features a number of impressive graphics as individuals will feel as though they have been immersed into Gonzo’s adventure across Ancient Aztec, whilst the gameplay remains highly simple! Bonuses such as cascading reels and free spins make this game potentially rewarding, as does the 96% RTP!

It may have been released in 2010, however there is no denying that there is still a place for it in 2021 and beyond!

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