Why Your Business Needs to Start Incorporating Instagram Video Marketing Into Its Marketing Strategy This Year

Your business’s marketing strategy simply isn’t complete if you’re not including video content. Video content was king in 2019, and it doesn’t look like it’s giving up the throne anytime soon. A video can display so much more information than a static picture or text ad, and video content can be curated to appeal to anyone.

If you’re not using video content in your marketing strategy, it’s time to modernize your business. Here’s why you need to start incorporating Instagram video marketing into your strategy this year.

Appealing to a Wider Audience

Although Instagram was created for and remains a platform for static images, the site has incorporated video into its platform, and with the recent launch of IGTV, the social media giant is really taking video seriously. Where before, the videos you were allowed to post on Instagram had to be short, IGTV has made it so that full-length videos can be shared within a separate app.

People everywhere love video content. YouTube, the largest video platform on the web, has billions of users and boasts millions of hours of content and watch time every month. Businesses use video platforms like YouTube and IGTV to advertise products, display reviews and how-to’s, and much more.

The more people you can appeal to, the more revenue you’ll bring in from new customers. If you’re not using video content in your marketing, you’re selling yourself and your products short. Even just a short demo of one of your products can go a long way in convincing a potential customer to give your brand a try.

Building Trust

Whatever your products or services are, building trust among your customer base is the best way to keep customers loyal and bridge the gap for new customers between “I think I might try this” and “I’m going to try this.” Marketing isn’t nearly as effective when you aren’t building those long-term relationships with the customers, and video content can do just that.

Let’s say you’re selling a product like CBD oil. This is something that carries a lot of stigma and misinformation with it, so you’ll want to educate potential customers as much as possible with your ad campaigns. You can try a static image with CBD facts or statistics, but this tactic probably won’t do much to unhinge existing opinions/misinformation.

Now, picture the same scenario, but instead of a static image, you’ve posted a video about the effects of CBD that shows how to take it, where to get the best oil, and some misinformation about the compound. Not only is this a more engaging way to appeal to your customers, but it’s also entertaining.

Mobile Users

Now, more than ever, it’s vital to your business to appeal to a mobile audience. Smartphones have infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from how we navigate, how we check reviews, and how we choose new products. Mobile users love videos; they fit right in the palm of their hands and can be viewed anywhere.

90% of viewers actually watch their videos on a mobile device. Can you afford to miss out on 90% of an audience? Of course not! You can buy Instagram followers all day long, but if you’re not appealing to them and reaching them on their preferred devices, you’re not getting anywhere.

It’s Easy

More than anything else, video content is easy to digest. Even the most unmotivated people can easily consume video content and make a purchasing decision based on what they’ve seen. This passive activity is less intense than reading an ad, and more informative than static images, making it the perfect way to reach even your “laziest” customers.

It’s your job in marketing to bridge the gap between you and the customer, and customers appreciate it when you make it easier to do so. Customers expect brands to reach them, and they really only go searching when they’re switching brands or looking for something specific. Don’t miss out on a chance to appeal to a wider audience in a way that’s simple, easy to consume, and can be tailored to invoke emotion or a call to action on the customer’s behalf.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Video content is still king, and you can bet your bottom dollar the competition is making use of it; even if you’re not. Whatever industry you’re operating in, not including video content in your marketing strategy is like walking on a broken leg without a crutch.

Use Instagram to create compelling video content and appeal to a much wider audience for increased sales, loyalty, and a better relationship with customers overall. Instagram isn’t going anywhere, so be sure to take advantage of the free and versatile platform while you can.

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