5 easy ways for women to burn off fat

Burn off those extra pounds just in time to hit the beach this summer season


 burn off fat
 burn off fat

SAN FRANCISCO, CA Mar 2, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Every woman has been there. Summer is coming up fast and we vow to burn that body fat as quickly as possible to fit into that bikini before the pool even opens for the season. But there are so many different ways to get in shape these days, from Zumba to biking and from diets to fat burners like [popup url=”http://www.lifevantage.com/products/physiq/” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]PhysIQ from LifeVantage[/popup]. It’s really easy to get confused as to which works well and which doesn’t.

The first thing you need to remember is not to be insecure about your body. No two women are shaped the same and the first step to a better and fitter you is acknowledging that you are great just the way you are. With that being said, read on below for some easy ways to burn off the extra pounds you are carrying just in time to hit the beach this summer season.

Don’t diet

Of course, this must go against everything you grew up believing. Don’t diet? Then how do you get that svelte figure you have always wanted? First, you might want to check out the full array of [popup url=”https://twitter.com/lifevantage” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]LifeVantage[/popup] products to do some research on fat burners, cleansers, protein shakes and other items that can quickly get you to your target weight without sacrificing your health along the way. Going on a crash diet will only make your body want to eat more. Everything and anything in moderation is the way to go when it comes to burning fat and getting fit.

Swap that takeout 

Everyone in today’s hustle and hurry world has become champions at takeout and fast food. Try preparing home cooked meals and limiting the takeout to once or twice a week instead. When you do order out, swap that burger for a salad and you will soon find the pounds are galloping off into the distance.

Stand up instead of sitting

Getting active is a trend that is taking hold across North America. There are even standing desks now to help you keep the circulation going when you are at work. Remember, being active is the best way to burn the fat that settles in during the winter months. However, if you keep standing up for short periods of time, the fat will not be able to settle in. For example, stand up for a bit when writing your novel or pace the house while you are on the phone. You’ll be surprised at how much pacing you can do in a 30-minute phone conversation.

Turn up the heat

If you are looking for a way to fire up your metabolism, then turning up the heat with capsaicin – the compound found in chili peppers that give them that hot flavor – which is said to [popup url=”http://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/boost-metabolism” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]dial up your metabolism[/popup] with a vengeance. Eating chili peppers or other foods with this compound will boost your metabolism by about 23 per cent, making it possible to burn that fat faster.

Take a new class

Remember, burning fat is easier if you burn it together. Signing up for a yoga or a Zumba class can go a long way towards losing the pounds quickly. Losing weight isn’t about not liking who you are, it’s about creating a better and healthier you. Not only will taking a class help you to burn those calories, you might even make a new friend or two.

These are just a few of the ways that you can burn off those excess pounds before the pool opens this summer season. From taking a class to not dieting and from turning up the heat to standing instead of sitting, the world is full of weight loss help – you just have to be willing to go for the gusto!

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