It pays to check that store receipt

A few tips to ensure you get the deal advertised on the store shelf

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CALGARY, AB, Mar 2, 2015/ Troy Media/ – Last week I made a quick stop for groceries. Dashing for the cash register, I locked eyes on a pile of premium-boxed chocolate chunk cookies. They were marked down to $1.00 a box with more than a month left until their expiry date. I grabbed a couple off the shelves and headed for the cash register then out to the parking lot.

When I stopped to take a breath, I pulled out the receipt. I discovered that I had paid $8.00 instead of $2.00 for those cookies I’d only purchased because they were on sale.

Pressed for time, I was tempted to let the matter slide. Instead, I lugged my bags back into the store and, boy, was I glad I did. Not only did the cashier correct the error, she gave me one of those boxes for free.

Always check your receipt

Have you ever walked out of a grocery store or pharmacy with what you thought was a store manager’s special only to find that the price you paid wasn’t the one advertised on the store shelf? Did you decide you were too exhausted, busy, or that those cookies, tins of tuna, or loaves of bread were too inexpensive to warrant a trip back to the store to fight for the sale price? Next time, don’t let it slide.

Building relationships with customers like you keeps retailers in business. They know that nothing drives you to their competitors quicker than being overcharged, even if you only paid 50 cents too much for a loaf of bread. Most businesses want you to tell them when you think you paid more than the advertised price.

Many Canadian retailers will give you the item for free when they overcharge you on your store receipt

That why many Canadian retailers give you items for free when you tell them about the pricing errors on your bill.

Many retailers outside Quebec adhere to The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code. The Code applies to all scanned Universal Product Code (UPC), bar coded, and/or Price Look Up (PLU) merchandise sold in stores, except for goods kept behind the counter or individually price-ticketed items. The nearly two dozen Canadian retailers supporting The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code include: Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Home Depot Canada, Canadian Tire Corporation Ltd., Walmart Canada, Rona, Loblaws, Toys R Us, BestBuy/Future Shop, Safeway, Sobeys, Overwaitea, and Federated Coops.

The code emerged through collaboration between the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers (CFIG) to help retailers build customer loyalty as it provides an incentive for retailers to protect their profits by displaying correct pricing clearly.

If your wrongly-priced item is worth less than $10.00, retailers adhering to the code will give it to you for free when you show them the error on your receipt. If you have picked up a dozen of those bargain basement goodies, you will get the first item for free and the rest for the marked price.

Here are a few more tips to help ensure you get the deal advertised on the store shelf.

  • Read the shelf tag carefully before you put the item in the cart. Make sure the product number and description on the shelf tag matches the packaging on your purchase.
  • Do not walk out of the store without your receipt.
  • Read your receipt before you put your purchases in the cupboards. Better yet, scour it before you leave the store’s parking lot.
  • If there are errors on your receipt, take your bags back to the store and ask the cashier to correct the error. If the cashier can’t help you, ask a manager or a supervisor to help/
  • If you are still not satisfied, and your retailer is a signatory to The Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code, register a complaint with the Scanner Price Accuracy Committee at 1-866-499-4599.

Jane Harris-Zsovan offers her readers practical money advice for the real world. Jane is the author of Eugenics and the Firewall: Why Alberta’s UFA/Social Credit Legacy Matters to 21st Century Canadians.

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