Major web upgrade comes to Netflix

The app like design provides consistency across platforms, including mobile devices

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EDMONTON, AB Jun 16, 2015/ Troy Media/ – After four years, Netflix has finally decided that it was time for an overhaul of their website. Gone are those cascading box shots that scrolled right to left like moving sidewalks at the airport. They’ve been replaced with an interface that resembles a more modern app experience than a traditional series of webpages.

Now to be fair, the site was pretty cool when it was originally designed, but four years in technology is a pretty long time. The company says that it has redesigned to take advantage of the availability of more sophisticated technology that allows for richer visuals and animations. The app like design makes sense by providing consistency across platforms as more people watch Netflix on their mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.

New Netflix design easier to navigate

The new design makes it quicker to navigate the site. Rather than clicking and going from page to page, information appears in-line and in-context with what you want to do or find out. Without clicking, if you hover your cursor over a title and get a series of images from that selection, adding more lue than simply a description and potentially enticing you to watch.

Once you click on a title or synopsis you automatically get an in-line details pane which allows you to browse through the various episodes in the case of the series, as well as read details and reviews. If you like the genre you can also explore the “more like this” pane.

Like to scan and scroll like I do? While you no longer get the moving walkway from right to left, you will get a series of five or so image titles with an arrow on the right that will load the next four so, depending on your display size. This helps you browse through that much quicker.

The new interface is also designed to work with various input devices, whether it’s a mouse, trackpad or touchscreen. But, depending on what browser and what version you are using, you may need to upgrade to a more current version to take full advantage of the new interface. You’ll likely be prompted to do so.

Rolling out over next two weeks

If you don’t see the new website when you visit Netflix, don’t worry. The company is doing a graduated role out so it may take up to two weeks for it to hit your browser.

I have to admit; I rarely visit the Netflix site via my browser. I typically access my favourite flicks and shows either through an Apple TV, Roku or directly through my smart TV and on occasion through my iPhone. But having checked out the new interface, it’s certainly much more appealing. In fact, I may go there a little more often and maybe even watch one more episode of Dr. Who or the cool shows I keep finding as I did while writing this post. In fact, I discovered Title Halt and Catch Fire by AMC, a 10 episode series that recreates the dawn of the personal computer era which takes place in the early eighties.

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