Report promoting Gay-Straight Alliances ignores Canadian law

GSAs in schools are potentially in violation of laws relating to the corruption of a minor

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CALGARY, AB, Mar 9, 2015/ Troy Media/ – In reviewing the recent Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association (RMCLA) report on whether or not Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) should be allowed in schools, I was struck by their fervent efforts to have parental rights – which allows parents to withdraw their children from sex-ed programming or oppose GSAs – struck from Alberta legislation,.

Nowhere in the document is it mentioned that, under the Canadian Criminal Code Section 159 (2)(b), anal sex for anyone under the age of 18 (unless consenting husband and wife (2)(a)) is illegal in Canada and participants may be liable to a 10-year prison term.

Law renders Gay-Straight Alliances moot

In other words, this law would appear to render the concept of gay advocacy in junior and senior high schools moot – and potentially in violation of other laws related to corrupting a minor.

Man-Boy “Love” advocates and some gay rights activists want the age of consent lowered and laws like this abolished.

Nowhere in the RMCLA document are there references to peer-reviewed psychological research on pedophilia and homosexual predatory behaviour toward minors or the man-boy love movement. Though the RMCLA discusses ‘security of person’ and ‘dignity,’ apparently the risks of promoting gay sexual activity to youth through the ‘just like a pottery club’ theory of GSAs, never occurred to them or is not a politically correct comment to make.

How can the security and dignity of children be properly protected if the high-profile media attention to GSAs in school appears to suggest that gay sexual encounters are an acceptable norm for minors when Canadian Criminal Law forbids it and peer-reviewed research shows that young men are at risk of pedophiles and predatory males?

The law helps prevent predatory adults from luring young boys into scenarios and sexual risks they are unable to fairly evaluate – and thus parental rights would be in concert with this law. If parents feel their children should not be exposed to gay advocacy in schools, for this reason alone they should have the right to withdraw their children from class, or oppose the formation of a GSAs at school

But there are other long-term consequences.

A recent National Post article explained that: “. . . according to Health Canada, even though gay men make up a minority of the Canadian population, they still represent 50 per cent of all new HIV cases. The cold fact is that among the demographics Canadian Blood Services has identified, “men who have sex with men” remains one of the most likely to have HIV.”

Further, the Canadian AIDS Society says a person infected at age 14 will have half a life and will need intensive, costly medical care.

“We estimate that the net present value of treating individuals with new HIV infections will be about $768,100,000 over their remaining lifetimes (or $250,000 per person), about 18 per cent higher than the 2001 estimates after accounting for inflation.”

We already have a collapsing healthcare system – should our schools be promoting a sexual orientation associated with a form of sexual activity that is illegal until 18 and that may lead to experimental youth making a tragic, life-threatening mistake?

Gay-Straight Alliances should not be a school’s focus

The risk of bullying leading to suicide is often used as a justification for a GSA. Odd that no one wants a support group for the children trapped in Parental Alienation battles, domestic violence, poverty, or neglect – all of whom are far more likely to commit suicide and for whom there is no one. There is no equivalent organized group for depressed kids, like the one that is pushing what columnist Mark Steyn calls “gay compliance.”

Schools already have zero-bullying policies. Let’s go back to making math, science, history, and critical thinking the important focus of schools.

Michele Stirling-Anosh is a Calgary-based freelance writer.

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14 Responses to "Report promoting Gay-Straight Alliances ignores Canadian law"

  1. Avatar
    Troy Media   March 10, 2015 at 10:19 am

    Letter to the Editor:
    It was with great dismay that I read this article on
    Gay-Straight Alliances in schools. I am particularly concerned with the author’s
    position that HIV is a case for discouraging open dialogue about sexual
    orientation and sexual health. The evidence you have put forward from the
    Canadian AIDS Society is certainly taken out of context and is being used to
    mislead your readers into thinking that HIV and AIDS is a gay disease.
    The simple fact is that youth living with HIV (under the
    age of 15) are exposed to HIV through perinatal (mother to child) transmission.
    This is the group that you reference as having half their life expectancy cut
    off. These youth are living with a life-threatening and chronic disease and
    certainly don’t need the additional stigma of being singled out as an example
    of the risks of being gay.Furthermore,
    less than half of new infections among youth age 15-29 identify as gay men,
    meaning that a significant proportion of youth are encountering HIV in
    heterosexual relationships and through the use of shared injection equipment.
    These are the issues that are facing youth in an
    increasingly complex world where sex and sexuality are commoditized and thrust
    on increasingly younger populations. Youth are the target of so many messages
    about sex and sexuality, it only makes sense that they will turn to their peers
    and leaders in the community to help address these concerns. This is what is
    happening in schools across the country, and it has nothing to do with
    pedophilia, as you have suggested in your article.
    It is the position of the Canadian AIDS Society that
    Gay-Straight Alliances in schools provide not only a safe place to discuss
    sexual identity, it helps to break down the stigma and discrimination that
    people who identify as gay face every day in our society. Through articles like
    yours – where homosexuality is put on the same par as pedophilia – and through
    the stigmatization of people living with HIV as a vector for disease
    transmission, you are doing a great disservice to our next generation of
    leaders and to people living with HIV.
    I ask that you share this information with your readers
    and ask them to take this opportunity to learn about HIV, its prevention and
    very real risk that it imposes to anyone who practices unsafe sex or share
    injection equipment. We invite you and your readers to visit our webpage at
    and learn about ways to engage families and educators in safer sex dialogues,
    learn about new prevention methods and then, explore a bit and learn about
    people living with HIV and AIDS and the roles they play in all our communities.
    Please share this information to help stop the
    spread of HIV, stigma and misinformation.
    Monique Doolittle-Romas
    CEO, Canadian AIDS Society

  2. Avatar
    BradfordMcIntyre   March 10, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    I am shocked to read the level of ignorance the author displays in this
    article. And her misguided rant confusing G-SA’s in our schools with homosexual predatory
    behaviour. Of convicted pedophiles who molested male children 96-98% of the men
    identified as heterosexual/straight.
    The author goes on to further confuse HIV with being a gay disease. Since the
    beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, around 78 million people have become
    infected with HIV and 39 million people have died of AIDS. Worldwide, there are currently 35 million people infected with HIV. Approximately 60 percent of all infections worldwide are
    among women. Globally, 3.2 million HIV infections are among children. HIV
    infections are seen among our men, woman and children, our seniors, our aboriginal
    communities, and our LGBT communities.
    I find the author’s article filled with both prejudice, and misinformation.

  3. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 11:32 am

    Troy Media This Australian study found that: “LBW appear to use alcohol, tobacco and
    illicit drugs at higher rates than women generally, indicating that mainstream
    health promotion messages are not reaching this group or are not perceived as
    This Canadian
    Study “Underage Binge Drinking
    Adolescents: Sociodemographic Profile and Utilization of Family Doctors” of
    6,607 respondents aged 15-17 found that 1 in 8 teens engaged in binge drinking
    every month and this was higher among males, whites, those living away from
    home, those in declining health, those with back problems or depression.” (Note:
    Alcohol exacerbates depression.) “According to
    Miller and colleagues, young girls who engage in binge drinking and heavy
    alcohol use are twice as likely to attempt suicide compared to girls who do not
    drink []. Alcoholism is also associated with risky sexual behaviour, and people
    who exchange sex for food due to extreme poverty are also more likely to use
    alcohol []. Lower social support and self-esteem play a major role in alcohol
    abuse and binge drinking among women [].”  The article notes that
    binge drinking is also a marker for suicidal ideation. However, we are
    frequently told that it is gay orientation that is the market for suicidal
    ideation. Perhaps more research should be done to differentiate what drives

    This report “Preventing sexual risk behaviors among gay, lesbian, and
    bisexual adolescents: the benefits of gay-sensitive HIV instruction in schools”
    found that Gay, Lesbian and Bi-sexual youth reported more substance abuse,
    high-risk sexual behaviors, suicidal thoughts or attempts and personal safety
    issues – more lifetime and recent sexual partners and the use of alcohol before
    the last sexual encounter.

    This certainly supports the case for education,
    but not necessarily, in my view, the apparent suggestion that “gay” orientation
    is parallel to “straight” that the term “Gay Straight Alliance” implies.
    This report “Intentional unsafe sex
    (barebacking) among HIV-positive gay men who seek sexual partners on the
    Internet” indicates that: “While
    unsafe sex has been reported throughout the HIV epidemic, the underlying
    assumption has been that most persons do not seek to purposely have unprotected
    sex. Within the gay community, the term ‘barebacking’ has emerged to refer to
    intentional unsafe anal sex. The prevalence of barebacking is evidenced among
    gay men, particularly those who are HIV-positive, by the number of internet
    sites devoted to barebacking and the number of men seeking sexual partners through
    the use of the internet. … The majority of participants (84%) reported engaging
    in barebacking in the past three months, and 43% of the men reported recent
    bareback sex with a partner of unknown serostatus. These results indicate the
    potential for widespread transmission of HIV to uninfected men by the partners
    they meet on the internet.“

    Are kids, especially those who say they are
    gay, being specifically warned at school to watch out for such people?  I doubt it.

  4. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Troy Media Some 40-50% of Ottawa street youth
    were deemed to be of gay, lesbian or bi-orientation or transgendered according
    to a CBC report of Sept 09, 2103 – yet this is a significantly high risk
    situation to be in as this report from
    BC indicates: “Structural factors associated with an increased
    risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infection transmission among
    street-involved youth”
    youth engage in a greater number of sexual risk behaviours than their
    non-homeless peers []. The vast majority is sexually active, and among
    those who do engage in sexual intercourse, inconsistent condom use is common [, Street-involved youth are also more likely to
    have multiple and concurrent sex partners [, Of further concern is that approximately one
    quarter of street youth have engaged in survival sex (i.e., sex in exchange for
    money, shelter, food or drugs) []. Among youth who are coerced or manipulated into
    survival sex, sexual victimization and abuse are common [].

    This study notes that early sexual activity leads
    to higher risk sexual activity and substance abuse and intravenous drug use.

    The Harvard Health newsletter indicates that
    homosexual sex is the preference of pedophiles, and that there is no cure for
    pedophilia, and that experts estimate only one in 20 cases of child sexual
    abuse is reported and: “about half of all child
    sexual abuse victims are 12 to 17 years old (postpubescent), so their
    assailants don’t meet the strict definition of pedophilia.”…  “Roughly 9% to
    40% of pedophiles are homosexual in their orientation toward children — but
    that is not the same as saying they are homosexual.”
    The Harvard report also states about parental fears of such encounter
    that: “Fears about predatory behavior are valid. Most pedophiles who act on
    their impulses do so by manipulating children and gradually desensitizing them
    to inappropriate behavior. Then they escalate it.”

  5. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Troy Media When I review all this material, I conclude
    that it is a mistake to call a youth support group a ‘Gay-Straight Alliance”
    because it suggests a simple parallel between the lifestyles that stem out of
    the orientation, and this is not the case.It also, in my opinion, sets up an expectation for the youth, that if
    they go home and tell their parents they think they are gay, bi, lesbian, pan,
    omni or any other sexual orientation descriptor, that their parents ‘should’ be
    as accepting of that as the school which has a GSA.
    It seems many parents do not accept gay
    orientation in their children as evidenced by the large numbers of street youth
    whose statement of “pride” was apparently rejected by their parents in some
    way, or for some reason.  We do not know
    what those individual parental reasons are, nor do we know what the triggers
    are that caused the youth to leave home. 
    It is not sufficient to say “I was kicked out/ran away because I am gay
    and they rejected me.” Perhaps the parent would have a different and valid
    version of events such as: “I advised them not to engage in risky or criminal
    under-age, sexual behaviour or to bring certain people into our house because I
    was concerned for my child’s safety, but they refused to listen to me. I do not
    support risky behaviour or such people being in my home. My child rejected my
    advice and ran away/crossed my boundaries and I asked them to leave.”
    Parents do have the right to set boundaries
    about behaviour and social interactions in their own homes. The Rocky Mountain
    Civil Liberties Association seems to think that parents don’t or that they
    should not have that right – which then means society will have to bring up
    these kids on the taxpayer’s dime.  This
    strikes me as wrong-headed.
    Consequently, one reason for the high number of
    gay street youth might be a lack of respect for their parents’ practical concerns
    for the long-term health and safety of their young ones, and a lack of
    understanding of Canadian Criminal Law regarding certain forms of gay sex and
    certain aspects of corrupting a minor. It might be that some parents see the
    high health and social risks associated with gay orientation. It might also be
    that the parents are themselves neglecting their kids, and the kids turn to
    anyone who will ‘love’ them – some of these will be the high-risk predators or
    intentional bare-back internet sex seekers reported above. This will put the
    kids at risk of HIV/AIDS – and if on the street they may be subject to
    practical survival issues – meaning sex for money, food or shelter.

  6. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Troy Media What are the roots of this? In my view, part of
    the roots go back to inadequate education about the perils of gay sex, probably
    because schools are trying to be politically correct.The politically correct aspect of the GSA gives
    a very high profile to a certain aspect of an individual’s identity, and is
    promoted at a time when youth a seeking an opportunity to be ‘different’ and to
    rebel against their parents, creates a perfect storm that will lead to more
    street kids and more HIV/AIDs.
    That will cost society a fortune in human
    tragedy and health costs. Shouldn’t we be doing all we can to prevent that?
    In a number of the studies, it states that
    abstinence from sexual activity until later youth years (16, 17) leads to
    better outcomes in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem, safe sex practises,
    less substance abuse and long-term less risky lifestyles.  Isn’t that what most parents want for their
    children? That they lead the safest, happiest life over the long-term?
    A study: “The Age of Initiation of Drug Use and Sexual
    Behavior May Influence Subsequent HIV Risk Behavior: A Systematic Review”
    suggests that “Evidence to date implies that
    intervening at an earlier age to assist youth to avoid or delay these high risk
    behaviors may be an additional means of reducing subsequent HIV risk.”
    Thus, that ABC method (Abstinence, Be Faithful,
    Use a Condom) that is quite effective in reducing HIV/AIDS in Africa, where
    condoms are scarce and proportionately expensive, is rejected in this Canadian discussion
    as being somehow prejudicial, old-fashioned, moralizing or red-neck and
    backward.  The Catholic Schools are
    unfairly condemned for advocating abstinence and teaching sexuality from a
    moral perspective, when what can be moral about youth being tempted into
    high-risk encounters that lead to serious illness or death, emotional agony for
    family, and high-costs to society? (PS I am not a Catholic – however I see
    their perspective as being valid from a practical cost-benefit perspective, as
    well as ethically sound and morally responsible.)
    We know that smoking tobacco has negative
    health consequences – so a law was passed that cigarettes and tobacco cannot be
    sold to minors and we even went to the extent of hiding all the cigarette packs
    in stores so as not to tempt youth.
    While certainly gay orientation appears to not
    be a choice, we are doing the opposite in giving gay orientation a high profile
    in schools.

  7. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Troy Media I will note that I know a number of people who
    were gay several years ago and now are in a heterosexual relationship with
    biological children, indicating to me that a proportion of early gay
    orientation may be related to youthful experimentation or peer-pressure from a
    social group.
    Whatever the case, I have pointed out here that
    peer-reviewed research supports my concerns expressed in the article.  As an individual working to reduce and
    prevent HIV/AIDS, I hope you will encourage schools to institute in-depth
    education on the risks inherent in gay sexual encounters, that there are
    predatory people whose preference is homosexual encounters with youth and some
    of these people intentionally seek unprotected sex, that anal sex is illegal
    under the age of 18, and that abstinence until later in life, avoidance of
    too-friendly predators or internet invitations, and avoidance of substances
    like alcohol and drugs improve a person’s chances of not making a costly or
    deadly mistake.
    Based on the research related to alcohol
    consumption in youth and depression/suicidal ideation, it would seem more
    important to offer at schools a  Teen AA or
    Substance abuse/Social support group, unrelated to sexual orientation, to help ALL
    youth address issues in the family or in their own lives where alcohol used to
    dull their emotional or physical pain.

  8. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 11:46 am

    BradfordMcIntyre  I have responded in detail below with peer-reviewed references. The Harvard Health newsletter below clarifies that a significant number of pedophilia encounters are homosexual but that does not necessarily mean the pedophiles are homosexual – but most of these encounters are on children aged 12-17, and that aprental concerns are valid.
    I am certainly not prejudiced against anyone – once people are 18 they should live their lives in whatever manner they want as long as it is within the law.
    I will note that such columns are limited to ~700 words, so it is difficult to make clear statements. I have provided about 2,000 words of back-up material in my comments below with links to peer-reviewed research.

  9. Avatar
    Calgarian   March 11, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    It’s unfortunate that the author thinks in such a twisted way. Below she comments:
    “The politically correct aspect of the GSA gives a very high profile to a certain aspect of an individual’s identity, and is promoted at a time when youth are seeking an opportunity to be ‘different’ and to rebel against their parents, creates a perfect storm that will lead to more street kids and more HIV/AIDS.”
    You know, I took sewing class in school…hmmm does that mean I could have ended up staying home making clothing my whole life, uneducated and most likely working in a sweat shop? Absolutely absurd isn’t it?
    I won’t comment on your association with GSA’s and pedophilia as ANYONE reading your article would see how blatantly ridiculous and naïve that argument is.

  10. Avatar
    BradfordMcIntyre   March 11, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    mstirlingmarcom BradfordMcIntyre  You claim you are not prejudiced but your comments throughout your article and your comments, prove otherwise.You continue with the homosexual predatory behaviour!You voice you do not support Gay-Straght alliances in school. And you  say `that once people are 18 they should live their lives in whatever manner they want as long as it is within the law`.  
    So no one gay, younger than 18, can have a relationship!! Rediculous! 
    You voice the Perils of Gay encounters… sex comes with risk for anyone who does not practice safe sex.

    Similar stats you site throughout your comments for gay people certainly exists among straight people.
    Men and women are having both vaginal and anal sex and the high numbers of infections among straight adult and youth is much greater than that of gay adults and youth. Your comments clearly do not support gay youth or same sex equality. 
    And you are incorrect in your comments about the success of abstinence in Africa.
    U.S. Push for Abstinence in Africa Is Seen as Failure Against H.I.V.

  11. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Calgarian  Sewing is not associated with any illegal sexual behavior for minors.  The Harvard Health newsletter indicates that homosexual sex is the preference of pedophiles, and that there is no cure for pedophilia, and that experts estimate only one in 20 cases of child sexual abuse is reported and: “about half of all child sexual abuse victims are 12 to 17 years old (postpubescent), so their assailants don’t meet the strict definition of pedophilia.”… “Roughly 9% to 40% of pedophiles are homosexual in their orientation toward children — but that is not the same as saying they are homosexual.”
    The Harvard report also states about parental fears of such encounter that: “Fears about predatory behavior are valid. Most pedophiles who act on their impulses do so by manipulating children and gradually desensitizing them to inappropriate behavior. Then they escalate it.”   It would seem that by making the direct association of the term ‘gay’ with friendship or peer support, this would provide a predatory individual an easy bridge to a high risk, illegal encounter, and that a student might have reduced defences because of this linguistic association.   Pedophiles appear to prefer homosexual encounters and a disproportionate number of pedos are male – however that does not mean that homosexuals are pedophiles.

  12. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 11, 2015 at 3:27 pm

    BradfordMcIntyre mstirlingmarcom My comments are about facts of life. Gay male encounters have much higher risk factors UNLESS people are protecting themselves. We know high risk oriented teens are not good at that in simpler aspects of life (i.e. driving). Children should be well informed of these risks and the risk of predatory behavior AND the risks of becoming homeless if they defy their parent’s wished.   ABC did have a positive effect in Uganda – primarily young men and women delayed their first sexual encounters.  Africa does not have mass distribution of sufficient condoms. There are also very unusual (in our terms) cultural traditions there that can lead to tragic outcomes (i.e. brother of a deceased AIDS victim ‘taking’ the wife as wife…leading to another infection)

  13. Avatar
    BradfordMcIntyre   March 11, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    mstirlingmarcom BradfordMcIntyre 
    You are continually putting gay people together with a predatory behaviour when it is widely understood that pedophiles are predominately straight.
     Abstinence programs failed; when individuals did engage in sex individuals did NOT USE PROTECTION and HIV infections occurred. Individuals were not taught about or how to use condoms.
     If you think you are not prejudiced against the LGBT community it certainly is coming across loud and clear that you are.

  14. Avatar
    mstirlingmarcom   March 12, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    BradfordMcIntyre mstirlingmarcom I repeat – there are high risk barebacking individuals in the gay community who intentionally seek out risky encounters. This is not everyone in the gay community, and there are also some such people in the straight community as evidenced by recent trails in which infected people were charged.

    The pedophiles, as I have reported, referencing the Harvard Health newsletter, appear to prefer homosexual encounters with youth between ages 12-17 – though this does not make those predators homosexuals, but it does give them an easy bridge to pretend to have a gay romantic interest in a younger person who may be gay and looking for love. 

    I see both these groups as presenting valid risks to young people and I do not believe that young people are being adequately warned about these possibilities. At the same time it seems to me that being in a gay relationship is presented in schools as having no additional risk factors. I say this based on comments from young people. None have mentioned the consent issues related to anal sex but all have mentioned the other quirks of sexual consent (i.e. 12 but less than 2 years older…etc).  

    I agree that IF people engage in sexual relations in a safe way, the chance of infection of any STI is lower – but we know that youth are vulnerable, easily led, and risk takers. The evidence I presented shows that in 2009 there were 3 times the number of HIV reported in males over females. 2251 men; 791 women; 28 unstated – these are VERY SIGNIFICANT NUMBERS.   This represents health risks to young people and financial burden to society.

    I think people should look at the facts and evidence when discussing this very emotional issue. We should be clear about explaining these risks to our kids, about the potential predatory people and the personal and financial costs.  We also have many many kids at school struggling with serious life issues that are not related to their sexual identity and they are virtually ignored. This is not reasonable.

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