Spring time guide to beginner’s sports gear

Key to making sure your new routine becomes part of your lifestyle comes down to motivation and, of course, having the right gear

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. May 18, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Summer will soon be upon us, the time of year when everyone is telling us to get out there and exercise. For those of us who haven’t been working out, or participated in any sports or other fitness related activities for several months or longer, it may be difficult breaking out of old habits into new. And being unfamiliar with the proper ways to be physically active makes it even harder to stick with your new routine.

One key to surviving those first few days and weeks of beginner’s fitness routines is getting the right sports gear. Proper attire and equipment makes all the difference, as the following examples show:

Comfortable Clothing

Tops and bottoms made from breathable fabrics are essential to prevent overheating, but it doesn’t stop there. Healthy blood circulation through the legs sometimes requires [popup url=”http://www.therafirm.com/” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]compression hose[/popup], which has the added benefit of helping to reduce muscle pulls. Similar sleeves exist for the arms, and for the same reason. The goals are twofold: prevent exhaustion from overheating, and prevent injuries. Either of these two things will nip exercise efforts in the bud, making it hard to get back on track.


Not every sporting activity requires protection against collision-related injuries, but several which seem particularly attractive to beginners are, in fact, prone to causing stumbles and crashes. The [popup url=”http://www.troymedia.wpmudev.host/2014/07/03/pope-francis-3-lessons-from-the-worlds-most-beautiful-game/” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]most popular game in the world[/popup], soccer, ought to only be played with shinguards. Racquetball is another sports activity which attracts casual players and requires several pieces of protective attire to reduce the chances of injury. The short of it is that it’s wise to do some research to find out if an activity you’re interested in trying out is one with a high rate of contact.

Fitting Shoes

Just about everybody knows how to go out and buy a pair of shoes. However, shoes used for running, hiking, walking, kicking, etc. are going to require more than a simple “does it fit?” procedure to purchase. Key is finding a pair of shoes that are not only manufactured, and fit you, well but are also able to perform under the pressure of a given activity. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone working in the shoe department of a sports outfitters store. As with any sales situation, it’s important to not abide by their every word, but to keep an open mind. This aim is to buy footwear which will reduce the chances of foot related injury for beginner athletes.

Water Bottle

OK, I can see your eyes rolling, but the right water bottle versus something randomly grabbed from the grocery store shelf is important for a number of reasons. Insulation to keep liquids cool will aid in bringing core temperatures down when consumed. Volume ought to be enough to keep the user hydrated for the duration of anticipated physical activity. However, it suggested that you not carry around more than 12 ounces of water unless extended activity is expected as it may encourage over consumption, leading to nausea and vomiting.


Again, getting the right kind is key here, as most readers are likely familiar earbud purchasers. Rubber buds models are ideal because they help keep sweat out of the ear. The length of wire should be enough to comfortably allow for movement with a smartphone in a shorts or pants pocket. The jack should be able to withstand rapid motions without becoming disconnected. For many aspiring exercisers, music and other forms of audio entertainment are incredibly useful for maintaining focus and sticking to the routines, therefore it’s important to make sure the experience is as good as possible.

Ice Pack/Heat Pack

All athletes get sore after an intense workout. Beginners are going to get sore after seemingly even very little activity. This leads to a high rate of discouragement in the early days and weeks of an attempt at getting into shape. But knowing some pain inevitable is half the battle. The other half is split into two quarters: one is adhering to the aforementioned guide to comfortable clothing, good footwear, and the right equipment, which reduces chances of pains and injuries. The final quarter is addressing the aches and pains when they do occur. To this end, investing in an ice pack and a means to apply heat to the same part of the body is critical. Those [popup url=”http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/indybest/winter-warmer-10-best-hot-water-bottles-9134599.html” height=”1000″ width=”1000″ scrollbars=”1″]red water bags[/popup] you see in drug stores are a great two in one option, serving to either hold hot water or be placed in the freezer for cold application.

There’s no getting around the fact that physical fitness is essential to leading a healthy, long life. And now, with warmer weather approaching, It’s time that all of us inactive souls consider, or are encouraged, to venture out and get our heart rates up.

The key to maintaining your new routine long enough for it to become part of your lifestyle comes down to motivation and, of course, having the right sports gear.

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