The technological megashifts reshaping our world

Technology is unleashing dynamic forces, reshaping life and radically reconfiguring the relationship between our past, present and future

The technological megashifts reshaping our worldZURICH, Switzerland, Nov. 4, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Science fiction is increasingly science fact and exponential technological changes are rapidly altering our culture, business and society. Much of it is extremely promising – indeed, it has the potential to solve our biggest challenges, such as energy, water, diseases and global warming. But we are also facing myriad unintended…

Silent Night for Christians facing genocide

Christians experience religious persecution more than any other faith group on a global scale and in absolute numbers

Silent Night for Christians facing genocideThere was good news and bad news around an open letter released in Ottawa recently. The bad news was the letter concerned the persecution of about 230 million Christians worldwide faced with “daily threats of murder, beating, imprisonment, and torture.” An estimated 400 million more Christians face appalling discrimination in housing and jobs. The good…
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