How to Plan a Cultural Holiday

Are you a culture vulture? The you more than likely will want to explore unique destinations and immerse yourself in local history

culture holiday in Paris

If you view yourself as a bit of a culture vulture, you more than likely will want to explore unique destinations, immerse yourself in local history, and try various dishes from world-famous and little-known cuisines.

To embrace a more meaningful experience in 2019, which will allow you to walk away with more knowledge and superb memories, find out how to plan a cultural holiday.

Thoroughly Research a Destination

The destination you pick can determine whether you enjoy a rewarding break or are disappointed following your getaway. It is, therefore, imperative to do your homework on different locations to identify if it offers the right activities, attractions and landmarks to suit your needs.

For example, if you want to breathe in beautiful mountain ranges, explore stunning national parks and visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which range from exquisite palaces to historic castles, you would be smart to consider Spain holidays in 2019.

So, when you are not busy exploring historic buildings and breathing in beautiful architecture, you can relax on a white sanded beach, stroll through authentic markets and try the eclectic cuisine.

Time Your Trip for Upcoming Events

It might be beneficial to time your trip for a cultural event at your chosen destination, so you don’t miss out on a fantastic experience. For example, if you are set to embark on a Spanish getaway, you could schedule your break to attend a local festival or fiesta, which will provide you with an insight into cultural traditions or religious holidays. Plus, you will be able to mix with locals and feel a part of the culture during your short stay in a city, town or resort.

Review a Museum’s Calendar in Advance

It is also worthwhile checking a museum’s itinerary to review their calendar prior to a visit, which will ensure you don’t miss out on a superb exhibition. If you are travelling with children, review a museum’s website to identify if they have a children’s education program and kid-friendly activities.

End the Day in a Cool Neighbourhood

Food is bound to become a highlight of a trip. To make every dinnertime a memorable experience, you should aim to end the day in a cool neighbourhood that is filled with exciting restaurants. For example, create a schedule to finish your day of sightseeing near a fantastic restaurant, and it might be worthwhile booking a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

Set Time Aside to Go Off the Beaten Track

While itineraries can be a great way to ensure you can squeeze brilliant landmarks and activities into your holiday, you must leave a little wiggle room in your schedule to go off the beaten track. It will allow you to explore a neighbourhood at your leisure, which could lead to you:

  • Finding a hidden gem
  • Dining at an exceptional restaurant
  • Enjoying a drink at an atmospheric bar

So, ensure your itinerary isn’t too restrictive, which could prevent you from discovering the best attractions your destination has to offer.

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