How Smartphones Have Remoulded Online Gambling

Once, walking into a casino meant seeing middle-aged men next to slot machines or the poker table. Today, so many things have changed. First of all, you can’t walk into a casino because the popular casinos are virtual, hence online casinos. Plus, you can see people of all ages and gender frequenting these online casinos, and you can see them present at any time of the day, from any country in the world.

What has revolutionized gambling? Technology, of course. To begin with, the internet has made it easier for online casinos to become available and accessible to anyone aged 18 and older. Secondly, the online payment methods options have made it easier for players from anywhere to make deposits and withdraw their winnings. But what has remoulded online gambling entirely in the past few years is definitely the mobile casinos, ergo optimizing casino games for mobile use.

Smartphones and Online Gambling

Let’s face it. We don’t go anywhere without our phones in our hands, not even to the restroom. We’re so addicted to them and our whole lives revolve around social media, messages and phone calls, and consequently, we never let them out of sight.

Now, can you imagine being an online casino player, and receiving the news that mobile casino is getting real? The joy! Combine the two and it will instantly become clear to you why the majority of online gambling is now done through mobile use.

Technology quickly advances, and just optimizing games for mobile use through browsers is not enough for players. That is why the big guys in the iGaming started developing entire casino apps in order to provide players with the same benefits, a huge range of games, bonuses, and promotions. In addition, they do everything in their power to provide them with the cutting-edge quality gaming, so no wonder that there’s also a shift in demographics.

Mobile Gambling Appealing to a Different Kind of Audience

Forget about middle-aged men. Research shows that the regulars to online casinos at present are women and millennials. The accessibility and mobility of casino games have become appealing to all kinds of audiences, especially millennials. And this is mainly because of slot machines, as they are way easier to play than more complex casino games, such as blackjack. Millennials can play slots online on their phones from work, from college, from the bar… And they do. They do exactly that. The percentage of women gambling on their phones, on the other hand, is mind-blowing, over 45% in comparison to the 55% of men.

The Continuous Innovations

In order to follow the trends and keep mobile players’ attention, gaming software providers keep on upgrading their services and continue coming up with innovative solutions in order to retain loyal customers. The expectations are that mobile gambling will prevail and that players will completely abandon the desktop and switch to mobile devices for online gambling in the near future. This means that mobile technology has really revolutionized the gambling as a whole, but especially the online gambling.

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