The Influence of Tattoos on Mainstream Culture

Tattoos are here to stay so you might as well get on board and dive into the exciting world of body ink

As much as some people would try to disagree with the statement, there is no denying the fact that tattoos have become a part of our mainstream culture. But how did that even happen in the first place? Less than 30 years ago the only groups of people that have been rocking the ink were sailors, inmates, gangsters, and bikers. Heck, the majority of people held certain prejudices against tattoos as recently as the early 2000s.

So, what changed it?

Well, most people attribute it to a couple of things. First of all, there was the widely popular “Miami Ink”, a television series about tattoo that have showed the mass audience what the whole thing Is about. Other than that, social media played a huge role as well, allowing tattoo artists to build armies of followers on different social networking sites. And, whether that was the cause or the effect, the fact that tattoo guns were becoming considerably more sophisticated and affordable was also one of the reasons that body ink was starting to become a part of pop culture.

Fast forward to the current day and age and, even though a bit more than a decade has passed since then, tattoos are more common than they ever were. According to the Pew Research Center, 23 per cent of Americans have at least one tattoo. And if that number doesn’t sound impressive enough, that is mostly because of the older generation since, according to the same study, 36 per cent of people between the ages of 18 and 25 have some ink on their skin, which is more than a third of every young person in America.

Nevertheless, some remnants of the previously held opinions about tattoos are still there. Aside from the fact that older generation have a lot less ink and are far more reluctant to get one, only 23 per cent of people who wear tattoos are female, probably due to certain stereotypes that are still prevalent in the modern society.

So, with so many people sporting some ink, it’s no wonder that tattoos have a pretty considerable influence on our society as a whole. First off, there’s the economic influence. The aforementioned 23 per cent of Americans require professional assistance in order to get that ink. So, as always, the market responds in kind, offering plenty of supply for the ever-growing demand. With over 15 thousand tattoo parlors located across the United States, getting your first, second, or tenth tattoo has never been easier.

That said, tattoo isn’t necessarily the cheapest luxury out there, considering that an average tattoo session costs about 200 bucks, meaning that some of them might dig a 4-digit hole in your bank account. On that note, it’s no surprise that the tattoo industry generates over 2.3 billion dollars of annual revenue, making a noticeable impact on the economy.

Setting aside the financial question, by far the biggest influence that tattoos have on the modern society is providing people with additional means of self-expression. Of course, that isn’t a phenomenon unique to the current day and age since traces of tattoo marks have been found in a variety of regions over 3 thousand years B.C.

Some people get tattoos simply to stand out from the crowd, to provide others around them a window into their personality. Other people get tattoos in order to help them remember an important life event, to have a constant reminder of something that happened to them, be it good or bad. Some tattoos have a deep and profound meaning to those who wear them while others are there simply to make the owner of the tattoo look good.

Having said all of that, regardless of your opinion on the matter, one thing is certain – tattoos are here to stay so you might as well get on board and dive into the exciting world of body ink.

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