Things To Know About The Deeply-Cultured City Of Izmir

If there has been any one tourist destination for those on a budget this year, Turkey has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best. With political turmoil having initially driven tourists to postpone any plans to visit, the new declaration of safety by governments has led to an influx of visitors wandering around in the Turkish sun. One city that’s certainly benefiting from this is Izmir. A source of enriching history and unusual architecture, there’s no reason not to head out to Izmir before the summer is over. Here’s what you need to know about the deeply cultured city of Izmir.

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Izmir Is A Stunning Port City

While this is no hidden secret, the sheer brilliance of this port city is second to none but the coastline can often go forgotten by tourists busy exploring the plentiful history and architecture available throughout the rest of the city. However, from the port and from numerous points across the coastline, you can lounge around on the beach, try your hand at surfing or sailing or even just go for a dip in the calm waters. Whatever you choose, Izmir is perfect for beginners looking to learn a sport, or families wanting to cool off in the water without having to worry about rougher waves.

It Has A Rich History

History buffs are truly spoiler in Izmir, with so many things to see, do and learn about that your every moment will be filled with exploration. Take the Izmir Agora, for example – this ruin was once a Roman-Greek marketplace and it still accessible by the public to walk in the footsteps of ancient shoppers. The market may be long gone, but the fresh waters that ran through the market then still bubble through a channel in the floor and flow over fountains today. Ephesus is another sight you have to see. Once a great Roman city, this destination now provides an incredible insight into the Roman architecture and you can even marvel at the great façade of the once magnificent Celsus library – it was once home to around 12,000 scrolls!

You Can’t Miss The Markets!

The markets in Izmir are both well known and yet a well-kept secret by the locals. While these markets are hardly whispered about and hidden from tourists, the brilliance of them is certainly something that goes overlooked. With a welcoming atmosphere from the locals looking to sell local foods, crafts and more, foodies and spenders will be able to indulge in a spot of shopping. The Kemaralti Market is a good place to start, with some of the friendliest vendors around. You can invest in some candy and even watch it being made, or pick up some local Turkish delight!

Wander The Back Streets For An Authentic Look At Izmir

If you want a truly unique and memorable experience in Izmir, there’s nothing better you can do with your time than to head into the local ‘back streets’. Getting ‘lost’ and discovering a whole wealth of hidden gems is easy, and the locals are always willing to help you get back on track if you really do lose your way. Bergama and the Village of Sirince are good places to start, with markets and shops available here too with agreeable prices and friendly faces to chat with.

Izmir is a charming city filled to bursting point with a unique culture and plenty of things to do. Whether you’re staying here for a weekend or indulging in a longer duration, you’ll never run out of gems to explore throughout the entire city.

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