Canada will regret laying out the welcome mat

No country can remain an intact social entity if it abandons control over who comes, how many come and what's expected of them once they come

NEW YORK, N.Y. Feb. 26, 2017 /Troy Media/ – Whoa, Canada, you can’t be serious!

In trying once more to prove yourself to be the kinder, gentler nation that the United States once wished itself to be, you’re embarking on a path so poorly thought out that it’s legitimate to wonder if you’ve been dipping into the stockpiled champagne and Screech set aside for the 150th birthday celebration.

Woe unto thee, Canada, if your plan is to lay out the welcome mat for the world and become everyone’s de facto home and native land.

The decision by Mayor Denis Coderre to declare Montreal a sanctuary city is so exquisitely bad that it could be too late to turn back the clock once its ramifications are well and truly realized.

He’s not alone in this folly. Montreal joins other Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver that have chosen this path.

These cities are betraying their own residents in favour of those who will soon arrive.

And arrive they will – in droves – from here, there and everywhere. If Dr. Seuss were alive, he’d probably make up a rhyme about how they will come in a car without a coat or on foot without a slibbiddywoot.

They will certainly come from the United States. In case no one in Canada has been paying attention, that border is long – really long – and largely undefended. One can walk across. And walk across they will now that there’s an administration in Washington willing to establish policies to actively stem the flow of illegals into the United States.

How fortunate for them that they now will be welcomed to the Great White North with open arms.

It seems that the western world is divided into two camps – either one is progressive and bathed in divine light because of a support for open borders, or one is an evil nationalist who delights in more dead Syrian babies on a beach. There no longer appears to be a third option of supporting immigration and refugee acceptance based on something radical like our abilities to handle the influx while paying attention to mundane things like social order and fiscal responsibility.

It’s time for advocates of open borders to stop being holier than thou and realize what we are talking about. Simple logic dictates that services reach their breaking point when they’re overwhelmed. This affects the quality, availability and cost of such services for every person within an affected area – including those who were so rude as to be born there or arrive legally through proper channels.

No country can expect to remain an intact cultural or social entity should it abandon control over who comes, how many come and what’s expected of them once they come.

An immigration policy that allows anyone to stay is not an immigration policy. It’s an abdication of responsibility by governments at all levels. It turns the entire country into that crazy person down the street who has 25 cats and doesn’t know that too much of a good thing, too much compassion for the poor strays actually makes the living situation unhealthy for all concerned.

This issue has become so wrapped up in angst and vitriol directed at Donald Trump that no one realizes this has been going on long before The Donald ever took centre stage.

Sweden and Germany are experiencing huge strains on their social services and cultural peace due to the massive and unprecedented influx of refugees over the last two years. Both are rethinking and perhaps regretting their humanitarian impulse, which has resulted in social division and conflict – not to mention dwindling resources.

Yes, it’s always good to open one’s heart. But, in this instance, it would be preferable if federal and local politicians in Canada also opened their eyes.

Troy Media columnist Gavin MacFadyen is a Canada-raised, U.S.-based writer and occasional lawyer. Blending insight and wit, he brings a unique perspective to the issues of the day. Gavin is included in Troy Media’s Unlimited Access subscription plan.

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