Partisan media acting like Clinton’s PR team

Any remaining belief that the media are above being partisan purveyors of a particular point of view has been exposed as a laughable fiction

NEW YORK Oct. 16, 2016/ Troy Media/ – The final debate in the U.S. presidential election will be held in Las Vegas. Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton is rolling loaded dice.

During the town hall in St. Louis, Trump squawked into his working microphone that it was “one on three” – referring to his feeling that he was up against not only Hillary Clinton but the two moderators as well.

The question is whether this was the petulant protesting of a spoiled child wearing the ill-fitting ‘I’m a big boy’ clothes of a candidate or if there was some validity to his belief.

The near constant bleating from the Donald’s always open mouth has been that the “corporate media” have been actively seeking to derail any hopes he has of ascending to the presidency of the United States.

In considering the merits of his charge, I am reminded of those scenes in certain movies when the hero on a quest is feverishly trying to decipher critical information contained in the gibberish spouted by a lunatic. There is always that single, fleeting moment of clarity where something of actual truth and use is spoken.

So it is with the lunatic; so it is with Donald Trump.

Civility has not been the only casualty of this year’s U.S. presidential election. Any last remaining belief that the media are above being partisan purveyors of a particular point of view has been exposed as a laughable fiction.

Perhaps the only two people clinging to the hope that the free press was not irretrievably divided into ideological camps – à la days of Pravda in the old Soviet Union – were me and, in my fantasy, a kindly grandmother in Minneapolis who remembers the days of Walter Cronkite soothingly assuring us “and that’s the way it is.”

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Granted, one would have to be somewhat brain addled not to have figured this out before. If one wanted a right wing perspective, Fox News was your best bet; for the view from the left, switch over to MSNBC. For those who couldn’t make up their mind, CNN always provided the tapioca of something akin to the centre.

But it seems to me there used to be a much more subtle art to the partisanship. Journalists were never meant to be such blatantly advocating actors in the grand drama of politics playing out on the public stage.

They are now.

Last week, the Washington Post – still basking in dimming Watergate glory – declared Donald Trump to be a “puppet” of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

That an entire editorial board would sign off on declaring a Republican nominee to be, in effect, a Manchurian candidate bent on being the Kremlin’s eyes, ears and ally would be the stuff of conspiracy nuts were it not for the fact that it emanated from such a distinguished publication.

It took the New York Times 48 hours to chime in with the same charge. In fairness to their editorial board’s independence, they called Donald Trump Russia’s “poodle” instead of “puppet.” The two-day delay and use of a thesaurus does nothing to quash the conclusion that both papers are acting in concert as Clinton parrots.

The Boston Globe published a fake front page in April purporting to be a glimpse into the future at a Trump presidency. Under the banner headline “Deportations to begin” the sub-heading indicates “riots continue.” The page also contains “articles” about a stock market crash and military leaders refusing orders – in effect, the disintegration of all social, economic and constitutional order.

Gee, that’s enough to make any voter worry.

However, what should be most worrisome to individual citizens is this: How does a media beast which has seemingly en masse decided – either through collusion, osmosis or legitimate partisan belief – to undermine one presidential candidate through the use of extreme chicken-little rhetoric, while treating another with such kid gloves and deference as to be de facto surrogates, pivot after election day into fulfilling its role of watchdog?

They can’t – at least not with any credibility.

Going forward, that should concern everyone far more than any vulgar billionaire with delusions of grandeur.

Troy Media columnist Gavin MacFadyen is a U.S. based writer and occasional lawyer. Gavin is included in Troy Media’s Unlimited Access subscription plan.

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