Flames, Stamps move to connect with fans through data

‘Customer data platform helps teams better understand their audience so they can connect with them on a more personal level’

Mario Toneguzzi is a Troy Media reporter based in CalgaryCalgary Sports & Entertainment, owner of the Calgary Flames and Stampeders, has launched a new partnership with StellarAlgo as the company seeks to engage its fan base on a more personalized level.

StellarAlgo is a customer data platform that helps professional sports teams maximize the potential of their data through machine learning.

“At Calgary Sports & Entertainment we are constantly trying to find methods to make our fans’ in-game experience even better,” said CSEC vice-president of information technology and food and beverage, Ziad Mehio, in a statement.

“StellarAlgo brings us to an entire new level of customer service, one which allows us to personalize our relationship with our top clients, our fanbase. The end objective is always happy customers.”

StellarAlgo’s proprietary Software-as-a-Service Data Platform enables live audience businesses to discover, understand and connect with their fans. StellarAlgo says it helps customers quickly and cost-effectively organize, analyze and leverage the data they need to make successful business decisions in order to create better live event experiences.

“Fans want memorable experiences at games. The goal is to provide our fans with the information and level of engagement that they really want at our games and events,” said CSEC vice-president of sales, ticketing and customer service, Rollie Cyr. “We understand that buying behaviours are evolving all the time. Through a deeper understanding of our fans’ needs and heightened engagement, we believe we can accomplish this goal of delivering the most desirable customized product offerings.”

StellarAlgo has partners across four of the five major sports leagues (National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer), minor league teams and live sporting events.

The StellarAlgo platform works with the data that teams have to help them learn how to engage their fan base on a more personalized level. Fans receive offerings, content and experiences tailored to individual interests.

“Our purpose is to provide teams with the actionable insights that allow them to enhance their fans’ overall experience,” said StellarAlgo CEO Vincent Ircandia. “Our customer data platform is helping teams better understand their audience so they can connect with them on a more personal level. Fan behaviours and expectations are changing and leading organizations are making the decision to better nurture their fans. We are excited about the enhanced levels of customer engagement, affinity and lifetime value that we are seeing amongst StellarAlgo partner organizations.”

Besides the Stampeders and the Flames, CSEC also owns the Calgary Hitmen and the Calgary Roughnecks.

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