A corrupt system created Rob Ford

Voters don't trust a system that allows the rich ready access to leaders, so they start looking for anti-establishment alternatives

A corrupt system created Rob FordRED DEER, Alta. April 3, 2016/ Troy Media/ - Crowds filled the streets of Toronto for the funeral of former mayor Rob Ford. There were banners, marching bands and people chanting: “Best mayor ever! Best mayor ever!” Politicians who would cross town to not be seen near him in life attended church to hear him praised…

Milton Friedman and the Volkswagen implosion

It was Friedman who laid out the monetarist case AGAINST social responsibility for business

Milton Friedman and the Volkswagen implosionWe should have seen it coming; in fact, we did see it coming and still ignored the obvious truth. Volkswagen’s infamous “Diesel Dupe” is a self-inflicted (possibly mortal) wound for the iconic German carmaker. At present, VW is recalling 500,000 cars in the U.S. and has set aside 6.5 billion Euros to cover the expected…

Has Russia reached a turning point?

Putin has maintained his iron grip on Russia by being the most ruthless in a sea of gangsters

Has Russia reached a turning point?The murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov in the shadow of the Kremlin is so obvious an act of political gangsterism that future generations could well – in retrospect – view it as a turning point in the history of Russia and the West. With this killing the last veils are being ripped off…
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