Coke ‘milking’ healthy choices

With profits falling, the soft drink company is marketing a ‘better’, 'healthier' milk

Coke ‘milking’ healthy choicesFor decades, the soft drink rivalry was about who was winning a war. Nowadays, it’s more about who is losing the least. Coke profits fell a whopping 55 per cent in the latter part of 2014. PepsiCo’s financials were only slightly better. As the modern consumer is looking for healthier options, soft drinks giants are…

Walmart Supercentres’ food retailing model not quite right

Fall short in attracting Canada’s sophisticated consumer

Walmart Supercentres’ food retailing model not quite rightAs Target prepares to leave Canada, Walmart is marching on with the next installment of its highly aggressive strategy. It recently announced it will invest $340 million this year in converting old stores into Supercentres, even while opening a few brand new stores. Supercentres dedicate much of their real estate to food retailing, a key…

Most Canadians don’t understand food nutrition labels

How simplifying and standardizing food labels can help with better food choices

Most Canadians don’t understand food nutrition labelsWith January coming to an end, those of us who vowed to eat better in 2015 have probably already given up. That’s not surprising, considering that most people grossly underestimate both the amount of calories they consume, and their fat, salt and sugar consumption, even after consulting nutrition labels. According to Statistics Canada, half of…
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