Walmart, Costco muscling into Canada’s food retail marketplace

Consumers are benefiting and traditional retailers scrambling as Walmart and Costco drive down prices and increase their market share

Walmart, Costco muscling into Canada’s food retail marketplaceHALIFAX, N.S. July 29, 2016/ Troy Media/ – The evolution of Canada's food retailing industry is being hastened by a pair of American giants. Consumers are the big winners. Reports on the latest Canada consumer price index drew a great deal of attention to falling meat prices. To the delight of barbecue fans, beef, pork and chicken prices…

Loblaws playing hardball with food suppliers

By demanding lower prices, Loblaws is protecting its bottom line but will Canadian consumers really benefit – or even notice?

Loblaws playing hardball with food suppliersHALIFAX, N.S. July 12, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Loblaw Companies Ltd. recently sent a letter to major suppliers advising them that it will pay 1.45 per cent less for any shipments received on or after Sept. 4. The tactic signals a major shift in the food retail industry. In food distribution, a decrease of 1.45 per cent is…

The ugly side of food waste

Everyone wins from Loblaw’s campaign to reposition “imperfect” produce in its stores

The ugly side of food wasteThe ugly side of food waste FREE to subscribers INNSBRUCK, Austria, Mar 18, 2015/ Troy Media/ - We waste a lot of food; tons of it, in fact. Indeed, some studies suggest that the overall cost of food waste in our country exceeds $100 billion annually. In response, Loblaw has decided to take action. The company…
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