Ambulance fees obstacles on the road to care

One survey revealed that 19 per cent of Canadians did not call an ambulance due to cost

Ambulance fees obstacles on the road to careBy Carolyn Nowry and Ryan Meili Canadian Doctors for Medicare Imagine you’re a physician seeing a six month old child in clinic. She has a fever and cough, she’s working hard to breathe and her oxygen levels are falling. You know she needs assessment in the emergency room and requires transportation in an ambulance in…

Rx for Canada’s healthcare system

It’s time we heard what our political parties plan to do for medicare

Rx for Canada’s healthcare systemA federal election could be called any time over the next few months. But of the many issues being discussed by our political parties, one notable exception is healthcare. A good starting point for any discussion – especially as the leading edge of our baby-boomers have now turned 65 – can be found in an…

Canada’s healthcare system financially unsustainable

The only country in the world that forbids competition with the public healthcare system

Canada’s healthcare system financially unsustainableHere’s a little thought quiz to start your week. Which of the following characteristics come to mind when you hear the term monopoly service: efficient, customer-oriented, innovative, high quality, low cost? If you answered “none of the above”, you probably recall the days when hooking up your telephone, sending a package, or even travelling by…
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