Thank corporations for driving job growth

And where else do citizens turn for financial support for the local football team or the children’s hospital when the governments turn them down?

Thank corporations for driving job growthIs ‘corporation’ a swear word? The way some people use it, one might think that corporations are the epitome of evil and a symbol of all that is wrong in our social and economic lives. There have been some careless corporations (think Volkswagen) and some genuinely bad corporate leaders – not all of whom are…

Atlantic Canada hurt by Liberal reversal of their own EI policies

By making benefits too easy to access, a cycle of unemployment is created that discourages the pursuit of education

Atlantic Canada hurt by Liberal reversal of their own EI policiesAtlantic Canada’s struggling economy has been dealt another blow by the federal government's decision to make employment insurance (EI) easier to access. Unemployed workers in provinces hit hardest by the energy sector downturn have received the most attention in the EI reforms. Few will argue with extending regular benefits by five weeks to out-of-work recipients…

Vancouver port jobs expendable on the Left Coast

Apparently not all Vancouverites understand the need for jobs

Port Metro Vancouver needs more land to expand its services, but it is running up against a wall of local push-back. The port is vital to the economy of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada. In a global economy, it is a door through which our resource exports go out the many imports that enable us…
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