Vancouver needs to add head offices

Compared to other larger Canadian centres, the Vancouver area isn’t doing too well

Vancouver needs to add head officesJobs, jobs, jobs! This has always been the rallying cry in British Columbia elections. Although big corporations are often talked about as bad guys, almost everyone seems to want the kind of jobs they provide. These include high paid executives, senior professionals like accountants and lawyers, managers and the many people who actually produce the…

The glaring imbalance in Metro Vancouver’s transit plebiscite

Vast majority do not use public transit but are expected to pay for it with higher taxes

The glaring imbalance in Metro Vancouver’s transit plebisciteBy Charles Lammam and Josef Filipowicz The Fraser Institute The current transit plebiscite, conducted by mail-in ballot across Metro Vancouver, asks whether residents are willing to support a 0.5 percentage point increase to the Provincial Sales Tax, which would generate an extra $250 million to help fund $7.5 billion worth of transportation projects tabled by…
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