How to choose a travel guidebook

Before choosing a travel guidebook, think about what the focus of your trip will be

CALGARY, Alta. Dec. 25, 2016/ Troy Media/ – Before you can choose a travel guidebook for your next trip, you need to think about what the focus of your trip will be. Some guidebooks have in-depth cultural information and give you lots of history about the area. Some concentrate more on seeing the major sights, finding accommodations, and telling you how to get around on local transportation.

There really isn’t a single series that will cover everything for every trip. You might even find you like certain things about two different guidebook series. Well, why not buy them both? You don’t have to carry them both around with you. We’ve even heard of people who cut them up into sections.

Take the sections with you that you need. Cut them up into little sections each day while on your trip so you can take just the sightseeing notes you will need. If you really want that book for a souvenir of your trip, buy two copies and leave the whole one at home.

Even if you’re a budget traveller, go ahead and spend wisely on a travel guidebook. A good one will SAVE you money on your trip.

Check out several different guidebooks. Ask yourself some questions: Do they cater to luxury travel? Can you afford the hotels and restaurants they’re recommending? Are they talking to backpackers and college kids? Do they list mostly hostels and cheap hotels? Get one that recommends accommodations that fit your budget.

See who has written the book, and what their expertise is in the region. Has the author travelled often in the area? Does he or she write in a style that makes you want to go and see the sites he is describing for yourself? Have they personally checked out the hotels, eaten at the restaurants?

If a book has long, scholarly explanations about the foundations for castles, and you’re just not interested in that, then you might want to look for a different guide, maybe something with lots of pictures to fire your imagination.

Check some out of your local library and take your time looking at them, but also visit a large bookstore or one that specializes in travel so you can check out a really large selection of guides. If you find one that makes you feel like you can’t wait to get there and see that, then you’ve probably found the right one for you.

Once you’ve found the right one, or two, that will work for your travels, make sure you get the most current edition available and relax: you can’t make a wrong decision. Any good guidebook will be a help.

If you need more information, you can probably find brochures or even guidebooks on you trip. Now those are great souvenirs.

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