Travelling during tough economic times

A majority of travellers say they continue to travel even during tough economic times, although they do become more cost conscious

CALGARY, Alta. Jan. 6, 2017/ Troy Media – During tough economic times, a majority of travellers say they intend to travel anyway, although they do become more cost conscious.

The travel industry is “self-correcting” when it comes to economic downturns. Indeed, tough economic times may be THE best time to travel and get travel bargains. Airlines, hotels and tour operators slash prices and offer extras like there is no tomorrow.

So unless travelling would completely ruin your home budget, tough economic times are not the time to raise the drawbridges. While you will have to plan your spending a little more carefully (dine out a little less, take your lunch to work, start mowing your own lawn), you shouldn’t give up travelling.

Travel plays a vital role in our lives. It is rejuvenating. While it’s one thing to take a staycation, it’s a whole lot better for you to go somewhere and try something new. You will find pleasure in the discovery that travel gives you and you might even cherish your travel experiences more during tough times.

But we still need to find ways to pad our travel budget: that is, trim around the edges and travel for less. Stop and make a list of things you can cut down on at home and not miss too much. We’re sure you can add to our list.

Even in the U.S., where workers normally only get two weeks of vacation a year, the majority of people say that vacations are important, even though it may simply mean travelling closer to home.

Look for pre-packaged tours to save money but still be able to travel. Volunteer vacations may be a way to save on a trip and contribute to helping some segment of society at the same time.

While we may all be talking about cutting back, we’re a world full of wanderers; collectively, we love to travel and, as that old saying states, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

While on your trip, forgo the 5 star Michelin restaurants and enjoy a little local place or a picnic. Spend leisurely days in free museums. Hike in the mountains. Take the travel pace a little slower by walking, taking public transportation or just sitting in a sidewalk cafe and enjoying the ambience.

Travel benefits all of us and helps keep the economy humming. During economic downturns, and when terrorism strikes, it’s easy to start feeling depressed. Taking a break from the daily grind by visiting someplace exciting and new is a great way to lift your spirits.

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