Take a gamble on Vegas

You can always find something to do that will fit your style and budget

(Troy Media) Las Vegas, Nevada is a city with a reputation. You’ve probably heard it called “Sin City.” You hear mottos like: “What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas … ”

So is it a good place for tourists? It all depends on what you want, but there’s something for almost everyone.

It all began downtown, and the fun continues. There are historic hotels and casinos under sleek new lights. They all glow with neon at night, and street performers come out to entertain the crowds before they dive in to the casinos.

Though the downtown is historic, it still rivals the Strip, which is where the mind-boggling new hotels are. It pulses with light at night. A volcano erupts, pirates fight, fountains dance. Thousands of people wander up and down the strip looking at the displays in a free-flowing, fluid party, and that’s only from the outside. Once you enter one of the casinos, you’ve entered a whole new world.

What about Vegas shows, and events, and nightlife? It’s true that Las Vegas is all about the gambling, but there is so much more. Many people go to Vegas for the shows which run quite a gamut from classic showgirls and magicians, to legendary singers and performers, to Cirque du Soleil shows. There are Broadway plays, big name rock concerts, and classic car shows.

This city in the desert used to be known for its all-you-can-eat buffets and cheap coffee shop breakfasts that were meant to lure and keep gamblers happy. While you will still find some around, celebrity chefs have opened restaurants in many of the hotels and casinos, making Las Vegas a culinary hotspot.

Shopping? You want shopping? You can find anything you want. Clocks that look like dice? Sure. Playing cards and T-shirts? Without a doubt. “Traditional” souvenirs are available, but so is haute couture from top designers and the most prestigious jewellery and watches. Vegas is all about indulgence, whatever your budget.

You will never be bored. Not a gambler? There really is an endless array of attractions and activities, even at the casinos. Shark Reef is a great aquarium. You can ride a roller coaster high in the sky. Watch circus acts or singing cowgirls. Visit a fine art gallery.

Golf is always an option. The city claims more than 60 golf courses, for every skill level and budget.

You can probably see a new bride and groom almost any day in Vegas. It has become a wedding destination, whether a formal affair, a theme wedding, or one of the drive-thru chapels that Vegas is known for. All the happy couple has to do is show up: getting a license is quick and easy, and the chapels have everything you need, from rings and flowers, to wedding gowns and tuxes. Weddings take place almost around the clock.

But we can’t forget the gambling. Any way, any time you want to gamble in Vegas, you can, from slot machines to all games of chance. The casinos even offer gaming lessons for those who want to know the rules before they try their luck.

So no matter what you want to do in Las Vegas, even if you want what happens there to stay there or not, you’ll find something to do that will fit your style and budget.


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