What are the best iPad Apps for adults?

Whatever your choice, you can be certain that if you have thought about it, there is an app that covers that need

No matter what the arguments are, the iPad is still the best of them all, and especially if you happen to have the new, 9.7-inch version that was released this April, in fact, there were several apps built specifically for that device, and we do love our apps!

There have been lists upon lists of various ‘best of’ apps, and each of those comes from a wealth of different categories, so whether you are looking for great travel apps, productivity suites, drawing software or games, there is sure to be an app to suit your needs.

For those that love your series like Game of Thrones, HBO finally caved in: instead of making you buy a cable subscription, the company created a subscription-based steaming app that has a ton of great shows to view, plus it works with Chromecast so that means you can stream it on the big screen. There is a cost for this and it’s not cheap coming in at $15 a month (although compared to a cable subscription it’s well worth the money.)

For movie lovers NetFlix has become an essential app with tons of films, great TV shows, as well as documentaries. Subscription starts at $8 a month, and for those who have no cable then there is Hulu which has most network and cable channels with all the shows that are on TV right now. Subscription to Hulu Plus starts at $8 a month.

For gamers playing Sim city, Buildit is a great addition especially on the iPad as the games control system is about pinching, rotating and zooming in on highly detailed 3D buildings.

Some games are all about offering an intense environment and are full of difficult challenges, then there are the highly entertaining and enjoyable IPad online gambling apps where you can have a bet or wager on your favourite casino game whether that is roulette, slots or poker, they are all there to enjoy.

IPad gambling apps also offer great software quality depending on which website you choose to play at, but if you look about you can get some fantastic real money welcome bonuses and promotional offers to make your time even more exciting online.

This is a far cry away from when having a wager on a game using a mobile device was simply a novelty, now tablet devices offer players more power and flexibility that any smartphone, making playing portable, convenient and fun.

Whatever your choice, you can be certain that if you have thought about it, there is an app that covers that need.

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