A woman’s intuition: myth or reality?

Next time you get a sense of something, listen and make a mental note. You could be more intuitive than you think!

Yeux_Lucie by Julien Haler

We have all heard someone say (we may have even said it ourselves) “call it woman’s intuition” when a woman has guessed something that has come true, or predicted an event or outcome. While many people put it down to coincidence, could there, perhaps, be more of a reason? Is there actually any substance in women having intuition or is it just a myth?

Women are generally more communicative than men, both in how they express themselves verbally and in their facial expressions and emotions. It is perhaps also true that women sense the subtle emotional messages coming from others and are more empathic and understanding in supporting other’s emotions. It is generally true to say that a woman is much more likely to express her feelings through her facial expressions and her body language than men, who are generally ‘harder to read’. This is likely to be because women are more open about their emotions and are therefore probably more perceptive about what others are thinking or feeling.

What is intuition?

Intuition is pretty much the same thing as a “gut feeling”. In fact, our gut feeling is usually spot on and so many of us kick ourselves when we should have followed it but didn’t. A study published in 2011 by Psychological Science discovered how the body can speak sub-consciously to the mind by linking participants to a heart monitor during a card game. Those who listened to their heart rate learned how to improve and win the game, with the heart rate increasing when players made a choice. Intuition comes down to “knowing” or a “feeling” (knowing it in your gut), which cannot necessarily be explained logically. Psychics who carry out psychic readings are said to have developed a stronger intuition over time, and their predictions often turn out to be correct. In fact, it is believed that we are all born with a natural intuition and it is our choice whether we listen to it or not.

Peace by Alyssa L. Miller

How to test your intuition

Have you ever experienced times when we have thought something and it has come true? Whether it’s that feeling you get that you know who is calling on the phone before you pick up or a flash of an occurrence in the future, we all have the intuitive ability to pick up on situations or people.

If you want to measure your intuition, you can try simple things like:

  • Guess who is ringing before you pick up or look at your phone
  • If you get a ‘feeling’ or thought about a friend, tell them and see if it comes true
  • When you meet someone new, see if you can intuitively pick up anything about them
  • Listen to your dreams. Our intuition is at its strongest in our sleep state. Write down dreams that are detailed and seem very real – these may be ‘visions’ of the future.

Those who are highly intuitive are likely to be more sensitive in their character. They can appear grounded but be more emotional than others and they are likely to be very supportive of friends and family when they are going through tough times. Next time you get a sense of something and shrug it off, listen and make a mental note. You could be more intuitive than you think!

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