Is electrical engineering the right career choice for you?

An idea would never be more than just an idea if electrical engineers did not figure out a way to bring it out into the real world

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. April 21, 2017/ – Engineers are the ones who more or less build everything we see around us. However, what you actually end up doing after acquiring your engineering degree will vary depending on your field and specialization.

An online electrical engineering degree, for example, will open your career up to opportunities in three primary fields of energy, information, and health. A master of science in electrical engineering will further hone those skills acquired during your graduation program, thereby expanding both your career opportunities and earning potential. In case you are at a threshold where you can’t decide between pursuing electrical engineering and some other field of engineering, take a look at the following points and see if that decision becomes easier to make.

Career prospects

Quite simply put, if you get hired as an electrical engineer, your pay will range from being just good to downright excellent. However, the institute you passed out of and your grades will play a major factor in determining your salary. If you can boost your bachelor’s degree with an online MSEE program from a reputable institute, your income potential will grow exponentially. In the U.S., electrical engineers are among the top earners in the engineering profession. If you need some inspiration, then consider the fact that Mary T. Barra, the CEO of GM, started her career as an electrical engineer and worked her way to the top of the food chain.


Electrical engineering is such an important division of the field that, as long as you are in the civilized world, you will always be in demand. The modern world cannot function without electrical engineers looking after and developing various fundamental aspects of telecommunications, signal processing, power transmission, motor control, power stations, satellite communications, and much more. This actually means that you can choose to work in another country if you think it would be good for your current situation and you might be able to further your career.

Stability of the discipline

Technology, by its very nature, is subject to constant change, and while this is good as it brings about improvements and revolutions in how we live, it isn’t always good news for the professionals who build their careers around technology that might become obsolete a few years down the line. The thing about electrical engineers is that they work with such fundamental aspects of technology that their discipline can never really become obsolete. They may have to learn a few new tricks every once in a while, but that’s about it! The field of electrical engineering is one of the safest career paths that an aspiring engineer can choose and there’s no doubt about that.

Most major industries from robotics and construction to health care and entertainment need electrical engineers to function and grow. The truth is that any innovations that we look so fondly upon today started as an idea. However, that idea won’t be more than just an idea if the electrical engineers did not figure out a way to bring it out into the real world.


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