Wager on a trip to Canada

The Canadian gambling industry is giving the notorious Las Vegas a run for its money

Las Vegas is typically held as the gambling capital of the world, but this millennium has witnessed a surge of popularity in gambling both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments. Subsequently, gambling enthusiasts can look further than the Strip and up towards the picturesque Canada. It is hot on the heels of the infamous Vegas lights with a variety of options for its punters; Canada provides something for the community, tourists and celebrities alike.

First, Canada has integrated The Niagara Falls Casino Resort into the most famous landmark of the country. It is built on a cliff overlooking Horseshoe Falls and has been an integral part of the waterfalls’ skyline sinceits construction in 2004. Visitors can take advantage of breath-taking views while enjoying food, entertainment or the casino. The impressive location is matched by a decadent interior and it is one of the largest and most glamorous casinos in Canada. It is therefore unsurprising that celebrities ranging from Al Pacino to Kelly Clarkson have vacationed here. Even Justin Bieber was briefly spotted at the $1 billion complex, before being denied entry to the casino due to one of his entourage not carrying their IDs.

Sometimes, however, the desire to relax in our homes or hotel rooms prevails but that does not necessarily mean foregoing the excitement of a casino. Online casinos are designed to have a similar stimulus. They have experienced a huge popularity surge over the past few years, with global revenues expected to reach $59.79 billion by 2020, and this has even led to the creation of review sites dedicated to outline the best online casino games in Canada and highlight the companies which offer live gameplay to most accurately replicate the experience of a real casino.

Casinos are even being integrated into community programs to entice both locals and tourists. In Alberta, charities or religious groups can apply for a licence to hold casino events and the winnings and reinvested into communities. Generally, these groups must have already existed for two years and they can hold a two-day event in a casino facility. For instance, in September the Rainbow Society of Alberta will be hosting a two-day event to help make wishes come true for children with life-threatening or severe chronic illnesses at Edmonton Casino.

However, the time-restricted nature of these events warrants practising before embarking on your trip. In order to access a Canadian top gambling site it is useful to look at a review site which will have the latest on the best promotions and free spins offers and will even offer video tutorials so you can learn the games before setting foot in a real casino. This way time can be spent more efficiently at the charity events.

Whether you roll high or low, Canada has a gambling option for you. With the constant development of their physical and online gambling services this industry is going from strength to strength and will certainly give the notorious Las Vegas a run for its money.

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