About Troy Media

Troy Media is a Canadian-based editorial content provider founded in 2005. We supply high-quality, in-depth articles and analysis to over 1,800 print and online media outlets across Canada. Our contributors range from experienced journalists to industry experts, academics, and professionals. and covers politics, economics, health, culture, and more.

We aim to provide well-researched and insightful non-partisan perspectives, making it a valuable resource for media outlets seeking reliable content. We also support community news and offer a marketplace for freelance writers and experts to share their work.

Services and Features:

  1. Diverse Content: Articles on various subjects including politics, economics, health, and culture.
  2. Expert Contributions: Content from seasoned journalists, industry professionals, and academics.
  3. Broad Reach: Distributed to over 1,800 media outlets across Canada.
  4. Marketplace for Writers: A platform for freelance writers and experts to publish and distribute their work.
  5. Community Support: Emphasis on supporting community news initiatives.

Troy Media ensures that its content is informative, engaging, and relevant to current issues, making it a trusted source for news and analysis in the Canadian media landscape.

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