The sun never sets on the age of e-globalization

Electronic interconnectedness is the virtual glue that holds the contemporary global economy together

The sun never sets on the age of e-globalizationPoliticians, economists and the media describe globalization as the new economy of the 21st century. Globalization, however, is neither a new concept nor an accurate descriptor of the internet-driven transformational change sweeping the international economic landscape. Globalization is a throwback to an age before electronic connectivity and the free movement of products and capital. It…

Fiscal austerity recipe for economic decimation

While provincial budgets face overwhelming challenges in 2015, austerity measures must be implemented with caution

Fiscal austerity recipe for economic decimationProvincial governments across Canada are doing a lot of soul searching as they craft their 2015 budgets. There is no denying that these are challenging times for our provinces. They face a clear and present economic danger in the form of declining revenues, stubbornly high unemployment and an elusive economic recovery. The knee jerk reaction…

Creating a Maritime Union for the 21st century

Although a political union may be a non-starter, it is time to discuss an economic union

Creating a Maritime Union for the 21st centuryEconomic success in the 21st century is empowered by new ideas, new governance models and a bold economic vision. In this context, the debate over the creation of a Maritime Union should be re-examined from a different perspective. Maritime Union was first mentioned in 1806 by John Uniake, the attorney general of Nova Scotia. He…
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