Frankenfood follies put world at peril

GMOs may be the only way to avoid catastrophic global water and food shortages

Frankenfood follies put world at perilThe UN’s annual World Water Development Report, published in March, warned that unless the balance between demand and supplies is restored the world will face a “global water deficit” of 40 per cent by 2030. Two weeks ago, protestors in hundreds of cities in 38 countries rallied against agricultural research giant Monsanto’s genetically modified plant…

Canada’s healthcare system financially unsustainable

The only country in the world that forbids competition with the public healthcare system

Canada’s healthcare system financially unsustainableHere’s a little thought quiz to start your week. Which of the following characteristics come to mind when you hear the term monopoly service: efficient, customer-oriented, innovative, high quality, low cost? If you answered “none of the above”, you probably recall the days when hooking up your telephone, sending a package, or even travelling by…
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