Canada flirting with recession

Slumping oil prices taking their toll on Canada’s energy-centric economy

Canada flirting with recessionThere is a cloud over the country’s economic outlook for 2015. Statistics Canada reports that real gross domestic product (GDP) fell at a 0.6 per cent annualized rate in the first three months of the year, considerably worse than even pessimistic forecasters were expecting. It is clear that the slump in global oil prices is…

The sobering reality behind business incentives

Being out-gunned in the incentives game can carry a heavy cost

The sobering reality behind business incentivesRecent news stories from both sides of the Canada-U.S. border highlight the growing role of business incentives and “subsidies” in shaping the climate for corporate location and expansion decisions. The big three U.S. automobile producers are in the midst of downgrading their presence in Ontario as they build new plants in various American states as…

Post-secondary education still the ticket to better jobs

Particularly if the degree is from a Canadian or U.S. institution

Post-secondary education still the ticket to better jobsIt is almost one year since the B.C. government unveiled details of its plan to re-engineer the post-secondary education (PSE) and training system. The Liberal government’s “Skills for Jobs Blueprint” will see additional funding directed to expand capacity to educate/train people in high-demand occupations – and fewer dollars available for programs in other parts of…
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