Taking the air out of Airbnb

Toronto and Vancouver have restricted Airbnb listings to a primary residence. The number of listings is dropping fast

Taking the air out of AirbnbIn Canada, Airbnb is getting … well … deflated. The ironic reason is that it’s become too popular. Airbnb is an online service for “Air bed and breakfast.” It's for guests who want a cheap place to stay the night, even if it's on an air mattress. Since its 2008 launch in San Francisco, Airbnb…

Finally, a ticket to ride: Uber making inroads in Canada

Taxis and ride-sharing services can happily co-exist. Even cabbies are starting to get that

Finally, a ticket to ride: Uber making inroads in Canada“She's got a ticket to ride, but she don't care,” goes the old Beatles song. When it comes to Uber, most riders would sing along. If consumer demand was the only issue, the ride-sharing service would probably be operating across Canada by now, just like it does in over 600 cities around the world. Unfortunately,…

Environment-friendly “plyscrapers” blocked by red tape

The USDA estimates every four storeys would save the same amount of carbon emissions as created by 500 cars every year

Environment-friendly “plyscrapers” blocked by red tapeIf a tree falls in the forest, can a tree-hugger cheer? Yes, believe it or not. Felled trees can now replace concrete and steel in high-rise buildings, saving their weight in carbon emissions. Engineers and environmentalists are both rightfully excited by the new innovation in building high-rises. Unfortunately, a recent competition south of the border…
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