Healthcare reform needs citizens’ voice

Even those who are health literate are stymied because information about the potential benefits and harms of care is difficult to find

Healthcare reform needs citizens’ voiceCanadians want better healthcare, but participation in health system reform is difficult. Ordinary citizens and governments are left in the dark because there is a shortage of useful information about health system performance. Citizens are unable to get timely information about waiting times for care, the results of care, or the rate of preventable mistakes…

Market-based pricing for bandwidth best reflects consumption

Pricing based on usage also contributes to conservation and fosters innovation

Market-based pricing for bandwidth best reflects consumptionNova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil recently chastised a local company about the pricing of bandwidth in a rural part of the province, claiming the company should not charge for services based on usage. Notwithstanding the peculiarities involved, the situation presents an excellent opportunity to discuss the nature and goal of prices in an economy, and…
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