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The author (right) ready to test-drive the IONIQ 6, with follow auto journalist Richard Russell. (Photo courtesy Hyundai Canada.)

Still have range anxiety when it comes to EVs? Then take a look at Hyundai’s IONIQ 6

Dale JohnsonThe all-electric IONIQ 6 may change many people’s attitudes regarding owning an electric car. With a range of up to 581 kilometres on a single charge, the IONIQ 6 may go a long way in reducing the fear of range anxiety that many people have about electric vehicles.

The IONIQ name – the brand Hyundai uses for all of its electric-only vehicles – was introduced last year with the IONIQ 5, a crossover.

The new IONIQ 6 is a four-door sedan based on the same platform as the IONIQ 5. The sleeker shape means less wind resistance and, therefore, a longer range. The IONIQ 5 has a maximum range of 488 km, while the IONIQ 6 extends that to 581 km.

“That’s how much benefit you can get from a more efficient body style,” explains Ricardo Chan, senior manager of product marketing and strategy at Hyundai Canada.



The IONIQ 6 has been named World Car of the Year, World Electric Vehicle of the Year, and World Car Design of the Year.
Photos by Dale Johnson


The interior of the IONIQ 6 is spacious and luxurious


How easily something moves through the air is expressed as the coefficient of drag. A lower number means there is less wind resistance. The IONIQ 6 has an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.22; the IONIQ 5 is at 0.288, and the Mercedes EQS – the most aerodynamic car on the market – is at 0.20.

Hyundai engineers accomplished this in several ways, including the low, streamlined shape, flush door handles, and two spoilers at the rear.

Another important part of the IONIQ 6 is the fast charging time; on a level 3 charger, it can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes.

“We know that many consumers now driving internal combustion engine (ICE) cars want to make the jump to an electric vehicle (EV),” Chan says. “The main reason why they are hesitating is the time it takes to fully charge up the battery. So we need to provide a product that is stress-free for the consumers.”

I recently test-drove the IONIQ 6 at an event held by Hyundai in Vancouver. It was a chance to drive it through heavy city traffic; then east on the Trans-Canada Highway to the Ford Langley National Historic Site; then north of Vancouver through snow to the Cypress Ski Area; then up Highway 99 to Porteau Cove Marine Park.

The curvy body of the IONIQ 6 is very eye-catching. Like the IONIQ 5, pixels are used as a styling theme. There are pixels on the steering wheel, the front and rear lights, exterior mirrors, the seats and even the charging port. There are more than 700 of those little squares on the IONIQ 6.

As I climb behind the wheel, the first thing I notice is how huge the interior is. I’m six feet tall and have been known to sometimes complain about the lack of legroom. But I have absolutely no such complaints with the IONIQ 6.

This test vehicle has the high-end Ultimate trim package, which includes all-wheel-drive, 20-inch wheels, and a 239-kilowatt motor, producing 320 horsepower. The Ultimate price starts at $63,999. The estimated range for this model is 435 kilometres.

The longest-range model in the IONIQ 6 lineup – which can go up to 581 km on a single charge – is the base model, called Preferred. It’s rear-wheel-drive, has 18-inch wheels and a 168-kilowatt motor (225 hp), starting at $54,999.

It’s fast, smooth and quiet. The driving position is wonderful, the seats are very comfortable, and the technology is intuitive and easy to use. Rear seat legroom is also immense.

Earlier this month, the IONIQ 6 swept three major awards: World Car of the Year, World Electric Vehicle of the Year, and World Car Design of the Year; the IONIQ 5 also took these three awards last year.

The 581-km range of the base IONIQ 6 makes it especially attractive to shoppers who might not otherwise consider an electric vehicle.

But beyond the range, many other things make the IONIQ 6 appealing – including the styling, spaciousness and ride. Ironically, the iconic IONIQ 6’s other attributes may be overlooked with so much attention on its long range.

Dale Johnson is an award-winning author, broadcaster and journalist who has worked in TV, radio, print and online. While the manufacturer provided Dale with a vehicle to test drive, the content of this review was not reviewed or accepted by the manufacturer.

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