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Although sports betting has been common practice in certain parts of the world (such as the UK) for many years now, its global appeal has begun to skyrocket in recent times. The same phenomenon has been eminently observable in Canada, too, where there is a growing list of the best sports betting sites for domestic punters to choose from.

So what, exactly, has precipitated this meteoric rise in popularity? From a fringe activity that was only practiced by an esoteric group of individuals to a mainstream pastime that is almost as widespread amongst fans as their enjoyment of the sport itself, here are four reasons why the sports betting industry continues to go from strength to strength.


One of the biggest contributing factors to the mass market appeal of sports betting is the fact that it has enjoyed increased endorsement from governments across the globe in recent years. Canada is no different, with the passing of Bill C-218 earlier this year marking a milestone in the country’s attitudes towards the practice. Although there will always be those internet users who circumvent the law to partake in their favourite activity whether it’s legal or not, the added legitimacy that official authorisation brings is guaranteed to bring it to a wider market.

Game intrigue

Picture the scene: it’s Saturday night and you’ve got nothing planned, nor the enthusiasm to arrange any activities. Unfortunately, however, the only NHL matchup scheduled to take place is a dead rubber between two teams struggling with mid-table mediocrity. Such a game might not make for the most attractive proposition for only casual fans of the sports – but placing a bet on it suddenly gives it a whole new dimension. This additional intrigue which betting brings is another huge reason why it’s so popular across all sports and nations.

Beating the odds

Games of chance, such as slot machines or roulette, can be a fun diversion which offers an adrenaline hit and a thrill to those who play them, especially when they’re on the winning side. However, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you’ve earned the victory. Sports betting allows people to use their intimate knowledge of the sport in question to try and overcome the odds and beat the bookmakers, making their triumph all the sweeter when it does come. It’s this element of skill which makes sports betting so appealing to gamblers.


Sports betting sites are well aware that competition for their wares is fierce these days. For that reason, they often try and muscle out their rivals by offering attractive bonuses and promotions to players both new and old. These can not only allow you to access more funds and enhanced odds on the sport in question, but even take advantage of special features like money-back guarantees and matched bets. Of course, it’s important to read the small print when using any kind of promotion to ensure you understand the rules surrounding it, but they are a great way of maximising the funds available to you.

Sports betting is here to stay and these four reasons go some way to explaining why it’s projected to become a $25 billion-dollar industry in the near future.

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