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Dubrovnik Croatia

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Few holiday destinations can provide as much fun and exploration as a journey to the unforgettable islands of the Adriatic Sea. However, not all Croatian cruises are made equal and some tourists leave with the feeling that they didn’t get to fully enjoy their trip due to schedule constraints. Fortunately, with proper planning and sufficient time allocated it’s relatively easy to have the best holiday of your life on an island-hopping excursion in the Dalmatians. With that said, start by heeding the tips below and you’ll be sure to have no regrets when you’re on the way back home.

1. Opt for a Gulet Cruise Instead of a Cruise Liner

Although most tourists take the conventional route of booking a spot on a large cruise vessel or simply catching the local ferries upon arrival, such commercial methods of travel are never going to be as satisfying as a more private Gulet cruise. These small luxury boats are operated by guides who have extensive knowledge of the archipelago and its best natural attraction. Thus, instead of putting yourself on a crowded ship and visiting the same spots everyone else is visiting, you stand to learn more about the islands via a personalised and up close luxury cruise.

2. Consider an Extended Cruise to the Shores of Italy, Greece, and Turkey

While you may be tempted to fly straight into Croatia’s most popular port of Split to follow the conventional island-hopping circuit, you may want to consider starting from an Eastern Mediterranean Gulet cruise in Turkey to get a broader view of the region before exploring the Dalmatians from south to north. This is one of the most beautiful cruise regions in the world, so it makes sense to see as much of it as possible while you’re there.

3. Choose a Centrally Located Base

Although much of your time will be spent at sea, there’s no doubt that eventually, you’ll want to relax on land, so choosing the main headquarters for your stay in Croatia is an essential step. Some of the most popular choices include Vis, Hvar, Šolta, Brač, and Korčula. However, less common yet perhaps more ideal are the islands of Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Rijeka, each of which has plenty of catamaran and cruise services that connect to more exotic destinations like Mljet.

4. Don’t Discard the Northern Dalmatians

The southern Adriatic Sea remains the most popular area for tourists, but some would say that the smaller, more secluded islands of the northern Dalmatians are actually more desirable. The islands of Lošinj, Susak, Premuda, and Olib are, in fact, widely known as some of the archipelago’s best-kept secrets.

Leave Room for Spontaneity and Downtime

In closing, it’s never a good idea to rush yourself when you’re trying to enjoy a highly anticipated holiday, especially when you face the challenges of seeing and experiencing dozens or even hundreds of different islands. It’s also a good idea to schedule some rest days, where you can relax, read a book, or play some games on

If you plan for an extended stay, it will give you the freedom to enjoy the islands spontaneously rather than squeezing yourself into a hectic schedule. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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