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There are several enterprise tools supporting digital transformation through COVID-19. During the pandemic, many tech companies have shifted to remote work environments. As a result, they have had to adapt workflows to new digital channels. According to recent studies, the coronavirus has accelerated global digitization of customer interactions by over 20%. This means that tech enterprises have had to make major changes to the client-side of their business interactions as well. As a tech enterprise owner, you need to know the best tools tools to support your digital transformation. This way, you can continue to work productively and satisfy your customers amid the pandemic. Read on to learn about the best enterprise tools supporting digital transformation through COVID-19.

5 Enterprise Tools Supporting Digital Transformation Through COVID-19

Digital Adoption Platform

First, digital adoption platforms (DAP) are one of the most effective tools to support your enterprise’s remote work. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology, these platforms are designed to facilitate seamless transition to new software platforms. For example, many digital adoption platforms analyze data from previous user interactions. Then, the software creates custom patterns to interact with a digital accelerator. These platforms are great resources to train employees on how to use new software in your company. Plus, you can integrate DAP externally to improve customers’ experience with their business software as well. Certainly, digital adoption platforms are supporting tech enterprise digital transformation.

5G Technology

Next, 5G technology is also supporting digital transformation through COVID-19. Notably, 5G uses radio waves to transmit data more efficiently. Compared to 4G, 5G coverage offers higher network speeds. In addition, 5G supports a greater connection density. This is especially important if your enterprise is developing applications for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  With a significantly lower latency, 5G technology offers real-time control for vehicle-to-cloud software communications. Therefore, your IoT applications can function at top speed and performance when you switch to 5G coverage. Absolutely, 5G technology is a great upgrade to support digital transformation in your enterprise.

Advanced Docker Registry

In addition, advanced Docker registries also support digital transformation during the pandemic. Once installed, containerization software allows you to store and manage your Docker container images in a single centralized location. For example, you can use an Artifactory Docker registry by JFrog to set up an automated delivery pipeline. By setting up quality checks at each stage of development, you can ensure that all of your images are tested and approved. Indeed, you can use Artifactory’s sophisticated REST API to fully automate your pipeline and increase your deployment speeds. With COVID-19 increasing development demand, an advanced Docker registry is essential for efficient software releases. Certainly, this enterprise tool is supporting and driving digital transformation for tech enterprises during the pandemic.

Machine Learning Frameworks

Moreover, machine learning (ML) frameworks are also helping tech enterprises adapt to remote settings. Machine learning is an innovative technology helping businesses harness the power of AI. Many tech companies are using open-source ML frameworks to automate responses to customer queries. According to recent data, companies can automate over 50% of of their customer responses using ML. Notably, this technology helps developers create tools that can answer commonly asked consumer questions within seconds. Naturally, this frees up employees to answer more difficult questions. Leveraging this technology, companies have seen over a 20% increase in sales. Of course, you can use ML frameworks to develop automated technology for your clients as well. This will likely increase their revenue and increase their satisfaction with your services. Definitely, ML frameworks are streamlining digital transformation through COVID-19.

Project Management Tools

Furthermore, there are plenty of innovative tips and tools for project managers. With project management software, you can schedule and assign tasks to your team members in one centralized location. You can also set up timelines and track progress using integrated dashboard tools. Many project management software systems also include notification features. Once set up, you can receive emails and notification alerts when one of your team members completes a task. This way, you can keep your team productive and efficient as you work remotely. When choosing your project management platform, be sure to look for software integration capabilities. Many tools integrate with developer platforms to streamline coding collaboration.

There are several enterprise tools supporting digital transformation through COVID-19. First, you can use a digital adoption platform to streamline the switch to new software programs. Next, project management tools can increase productivity in your remote work environments. In addition, install an advanced Docker registry to increase your build speeds and keep up with development demand. Moreover, machine learning frameworks increase customer response efficiency for your enterprise as well as your clients. Furthermore, 5G technology supports faster connection speeds and low latency as you develop IoT software. Integrate these enterprise tools to support your digital transformation through COVID-19.

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