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Retirement isn’t just a time to get some relief from the pressures of your career; it is a time to consider lifestyle changes as well. When a person retires, the newfound freedom provides an opportunity to rethink investments and make changes that ensure comfort and good health through the coming years.

Besides leaving their career, the most significant change that people tend to make when they retire is to sell their home and downsize to a location that will be better suited to their golden years. If you live in an urban area and you are currently in the process of planning for your retirement, here are a few reasons why you might decide to migrate to a small town in a rural setting:

1)            Escape the City Bustle

Whether you’re currently living in Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton or another urban setting, your congested city might not be the best option for someone reaching retirement age. Along with the desire to escape the problems of living in a densely populated urban center comes an ambition to experience the small-town lifestyle that rural areas offer. You’ve already worked through the hectic pace of the rat race, and you’ve earned a little peace and quiet. Why not try a more relaxed and comfortable setting where you can escape the bustle?

2)            A New Custom-Built Home

When you downsize from a larger home, you’ll gain the opportunity to move to a newly built home that contains custom options that reflect your personal tastes and lifestyle. You can build your custom home in Niagara adjacent towns, so you’ll have access to some of Ontario’s most popular active adult communities.

3)            Access to Nature

While Ottawa boasts proximity to some of the best natural parkland in Canada, accessing such sites often still requires a tiresome trek outside of the city, well-planned reservations and expensive accommodations to enjoy fully. Instead, why not enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of small-town living, where you’ll always have access to natural settings right around your home.

4)            Financial Security

Housing costs have been rising steadily across Canada since at least the beginning of the pandemic, and they are expected to rise in the coming years. In a large city, you also stand to suffer from tax increases and a higher cost of living. Instead, why not sell your current property, so you’ll gain better financial security for the road ahead.

5)            Community Living

One of the greatest concerns of anyone reaching retirement age is whether their living situation will afford opportunities to maintain a comfortable social network. It is well-known that staying socially active is one of the keys to promoting good mental health, especially during your retirement years.

When you move into an active adult lifestyle community, you’ll gain access to endless opportunities for social interaction with other people who are close to your age bracket, in a similar stage of life, and share many of your interests.

If your retirement years are just around the corner, the time to start planning is now. Talk to a custom home builder in the Niagara region to secure a gorgeous property in an area you love to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your golden years.

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