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Food has been a significant component in many lives, and it continues to uphold its reputation in many ways. Whether it’s a source of fulfilling hunger, a means of comfort, or a way for people to bond, it holds a deep meaning in many lives.

The food industry witnesses many trends every year. While some of them last a short time, others become a permanent part of the culinary landscape. From cooking styles to star ingredients and sustainable choices, many different trends may appear in 2022. Which Toronto food trend are you looking forward to trying first?

Restaurant Kit Subscriptions

When the pandemic forced restaurants to close their doors for indoor dining in Toronto, many restaurants and caterers started offering do-it-yourself (DIY) meal kits that allow customers to craft their favorite restaurant meals at home. The trend is likely to stay in 2022 due to its popularity and benefits.

If you’re looking to enjoy high-quality meals multiple times a week, contact a professional catering company in Toronto that offers restaurant kit subscriptions to help you enjoy a restaurant meal from the comfort of your kitchen. Some catering companies also offer grocery deliveries to help you create a delicious meal without stepping out of your home.

The benefit of subscribing to meal kits or reaching out to a catering company is your ability to enjoy a delicious meal without the added cost of commuting to a restaurant.

Ingredient Awareness

As consumers become more conscious about what they’re putting in their bodies, there has been a rise in ingredient awareness. More consumers are focusing on transparency from food providers and choosing food based on its nutritional benefits.

The rise of diets such as keto and low carb also play a role in ingredient awareness. More people seek items with clear nutritional value and labels to determine if the item fits into their diet or meets their health goals.

Food & Drink for Mental Health

Some people make food choices to support their mental health. Many foods or drink items can forge the food-emotion-mind connection, allowing people to feel happier and improve cognitive function.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has discussed the link between food and mental health for a few years. However, there will likely be a rise in the prevalence of using food or drinks for mental health in 2022. Since the pandemic took a toll on many lives, more people are likely to look for methods to boost their mental health.

Meal Upcycling

Many companies and restaurants are reworking ingredients and using food scraps to create new meals. This creates awareness about not wasting food and allows consumers to participate in more sustainable eating habits.

When consumers and restaurants work collaboratively to create environmentally-dining decisions, it reduces food waste and creates an eco-responsible catering network.

Sustainable Packaging

Many companies have embraced the attempt to switch from single-use plastic items to sustainable alternatives over the years. However, research has revealed a few sustainable packaging trends likely to appear in 2022.

More brands are likely to shift their attention towards sustainable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint.

Food plays a significant role in Toronto for both businesses and consumers. From ingredient preferences to environmental choices, food can change the way the industry operates in many ways. Look out for the top trends in 2022 and embrace those that align with your values!

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