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There is always a mix of emotions when your babies finally fly the nest and set off out into the big world on their own. They no longer need (or want) their parents’ protection, and you don’t get to have those cuddles and conversations that have become part of your daily life anymore. On the other hand, you also no longer have to cook their meals every day, and you now have this room that is not going to be used. Here are some ideas on how you can take back this newly acquired space and make it into your own.

Home Office

Now that working from home has become fundamental in many people’s lives, why not transform the free bedroom into that perfect professional office space you have always dreamed of? Get that slick new desktop and a fancy flash chair (that supports you in all the right places). You’ll no longer need to set a customized background for your video meetings because you have the most suitable space for getting your head down and the work done.


Why not re-create that Sex and the City dream and design yourself a one of a kind walk in wardrobe? Full length mirrors, shoe racks as far as the eye can see, clothes organized to perfection and always put back in the correct place so you can always easily find what you are looking for. Go that one step further and add yourself a dainty vanity, a set of speakers and a mini bar so you can host the girls while you all get prepped for that big night out.

Guest Room

Of course, your parents are thinking of coming up to stay over Christmas, your children are wanting to come back to visit in their semester break, and everyone has that one friend that always has a little bit too much to drink and needs a place to crash. Take down those band posters, get a new lick of paint on the walls and add in some new furniture to make this space into a guest room even you want to spend the night in!


Where better to watch the football than in your swanky new mancave? Gone are the days of being shunned to the bedroom to watch the sports on the laptop – say hello to that comfy new couch, large flatscreen TV and, of course, the mini bar. The prefect place to escape, relax and try your luck on without being disturbed.

New Hobbies

If you have always wanted to try your hand at painting, now is the time to make yourself that studio so you can get down to business. If painting isn’t for you, maybe music, dancing or photography is? Whatever that hobby is that you haven’t had the space or time for, you do now! Even if it doesn’t work out, you have all these other ideas as a back-up anyway.

Instead of seeing their departure as a time of sorrow, view it as that opportunity to utilize the space they are leaving behind in a creative, yet useful and highly effective way.

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