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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. You don’t have to take our word for that. The Statistics & Facts Report from Statista shows that Instagram generated over $25 billion in 2021 as advertising revenue. It also shows that in October 2020, the number of users went beyond 1.28 billion! Millions of people and thousands of businesses have interacted with each other on Instagram.

It has led to the rise of various fashion, beauty, medicinal, and other sorts of trends. In simple words, it’s where people can like, comment, follow, and chat with each other. You can grow your outreach to connect with more people, increase your popularity online, and even popularize your brand/products/services.

Competing with existing personalities and businesses can be pretty tough on Instagram. However, you can headstart your progress by attaining the required number of followers partnering up with Viralgrowing. In addition, you should consider earning more genuine followers, likes, and comments as it is a highly lucrative way to kickstart your business on Instagram.


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Why Get Followed on Instagram?

People can have many reasons to follow someone on social media platforms like Instagram. For instance, you may follow a famous fitness influencer to get daily updates on new workout routines and diet tips. Similarly, you may follow your favorite tech brand to learn about any awesome gadgets or smart appliances for purchases.

But, what are the main reasons you should make people follow you? Whether you’re a businessperson, internet personality, celebrity, or model, there are various reasons why someone might follow you on Instagram. But knowing the main reasons that lead to someone clicking on the “Follow” button on your Instagram profile can help you attain success quicker.

As an influencer or internet personality, you can promote your profile rapidly and more effectively by knowing such reasons. The same goes for businesses trying to become famous, gain more customers, and generate higher sales revenues.

7 Reasons to Make People Follow Your Instagram Account?

If you’re sharing awe-inspiring and creative work on Instagram, it’s a significant reason to have more followers for your profile. Furthermore, if you’re in love with the platform itself and act as part of the broad Instagram community, that’s another primary reason to have people follow you.

A principal reason to have people follow you involves generating more leads and improving brand/business/company visibility on the internet. Creating a business profile on Instagram and promoting it by gaining genuine followers could help you set off for higher sales.

Let’s take a look at seven particular reasons why people should be following you, including the ones above discussed in detail.

Your Account is Full of Positive and Relaxing Vibes

Do you keep posting beautiful, recreational, and relaxing photos on Instagram that appeal to your followers? Colorful and original images with as few Photoshop effects as possible combined with amusing captions have an amazing appeal among Instagram users.

Instagram users love viewing, liking, commenting, and saving beautiful pictures. So if you’re a photographer passionate about sharing wildlife photography or a fashion designer who loves trying new outfit combinations, Instagram is a place for you.

Simply put, anyone who throws a positive and relaxing vibe can potentially make people follow them on Instagram.

You Respond and Act as Part of the Instagram Community

It’s a reason why some Instagram users login to their accounts and start acting like active participants of the Instagram community. Replying to comments, commenting on posts, and following other people is a great way to have them follow you.

If you have a thriving business and could benefit from more customers, you can become an active member of the Instagram community. That’s because nearly 70% of online shoppers turn to Instagram and try to connect with a business before making the final purchase.

You can use that to your advantage and create a business account. Also, that’s a significant reason to have people follow you on Instagram. So even if you’re an independent influencer who reviews products and services of various brands, you can use Instagram as a channel to filter customers for those brands.

It can help you earn and gain more followers rapidly if the sales are booming. Plus, you will generate income to re-invest in gaining more followers through allowed methods.

You Share Inspirational and Rich Content

What turns heads and captivates users online is the availability of rich content. You can attract many Instagram followers if you’re a trend-setter with mind-blowing ideas. In addition, inspiration and high-quality content can result in a higher engagement rate.

And if you’re posting qualitative and inspirational content different from others, you can add value to many people’s daily lives.

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You Post and Share Consistently

The Instagram community loves a lot of things. However, one of the best traits they love in an Instagram account is the habit of posting consistently. It isn’t very certain for Instagram profiles to get more followers if they don’t post consistently and frequently.

Instagram is a social media platform where hundreds of millions of people are active 24/7. And people need to consume content and remain engaged. So if you can fulfill that requirement, you can use it to your advantage and gain more followers.

Your Instagram Profile is Unique

You may have a unique profile dedicated to only a specific task such as reviewing electronic products, trying new outfits, creating new clothing designs, etc. If that’s the case, you can make people follow you.

People love “extraordinary” or highly familiarized content. While both are opposite ends of the same spectrum of content type, rest assured that they can earn you more followers. Being authentic and your true self is a creative way of earning followers and more fans on the internet.

What type of personality traits do you think only you have compared to a lot of other people? What separates you from others, and how do you think you can inspire others on Instagram? Seeing a unique profile makes some people click the “follow” button.

You’re Living Other People’s Dreams or Have What They Desire

If you have a personal account through which you share your lifestyle, it could be another significant reason to make people follow you on Instagram. So many people create an Instagram account, connect with others, and quickly get captivated by looking at lavish lifestyles.

Whether it’s a product or service that makes life luxurious or your lifestyle, you can make people follow you. That’s because people love watching other people living and enjoying their dreams. In addition, viewers may have similar goals or objectives, making your posts and Instagram account even more attractive.

Some people want to live the same lifestyle as those they follow on Instagram. And that prompts them to keep following similar accounts and profiles on Instagram. So if you share details, small tips, or any content showing you have the lifestyle you have today, you can make people follow you.

People love following those who give them hope for a better future, and if you’re one of such people, it’s a great cause to have more followers. For example, having an excellent breakfast with your partner in Montreal during winter or touring Western Europe with a backpack could inspire other people.

You Have a Likable and Impressive Personality

Your unique and impressive personality is one overlooked reason to make people follow you. However, it would help if you had more followers on Instagram with excellent social skills, interactive attitude, and personality traits that make befriending other people easier.

Many people love connecting with others who share the same interests, sense of humor, or lifestyle as themselves. Even the same choice of clothes or food brands can earn you a few followers on Instagram. It’s all about the type of personality that you have and what attracts the Instagram audience.

Your personality matters greatly, and you shouldn’t be reluctant to share it. In addition, you may instigate confidence and incite curiosity in others to pursue a social media approach like you.

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How to Grow Your Instagram Account?

Growing your Instagram account shouldn’t be a problem if you know what appeals to your fans and followers. You can keep posting consistently, and in the same format, your fans and followers love. Please keep track of how your Instagram account is progressing to better understand what your followers like and what they don’t.

You can also use the above mentioned reasons to grow your Instagram account since people love unique and awe-inspiring content. You can make those the objectives of your content search and place them at the core of your content marketing strategy.

Link with Other Social Media Platforms

Instagram is from Meta, previously known as Facebook. There are other popular social media and chatting platforms under Meta as well. These include Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and so on. You can link your Instagram profile with other social media profiles.

Whether you’re considering your account or business account, linking it to similar profiles on other social media platforms could help you generate more views, likes, comments, and followers. People like seeing a well-connected profile in the community. And as we can see, that’s a principal reason why people follow each other on Instagram.

Share Even Richer and Interactive Content

You can connect with other Instagram influencers and personalities to gain ideas. You can only keep posting consistently if you keep coming up with ideas. Where’s your next travel to? What do you have to say about a particular dish or recipe? Getting ideas and inspiration from popular Instagram accounts other than yours is a great way to popularize your profile!

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers for Brands

You can review products from highly reputable brands and share the pros-cons with your followers. An article on Science Direct talks about the effect of online influencers on young adults and teenagers for online purchases.

In simple words, the research concludes that many young adults and teenagers trust social influencers’ advice, and even some older adults look for purchasing advice on social media.

Customize Instagram Ads

Do you know that many businesses customize and start Instagram ad campaigns to get more followers (i.e., leads for their business)? As per the information on the official Instagram site, nearly 50% of people are more interested in brands and IG accounts after seeing an advertisement.

So, it’s clear that creating and starting a paid IG ad campaign can earn you more followers on your account. Furthermore, when customized properly, your IG account and posts will rank higher in the IG users’ news feed, aka explore page. Thus, more people will notice you resulting in growth for your Instagram account.

The Bottom Line

What makes you follow an Instagram account? If you have the answer to that, you won’t have to start from scratch to devise an effective content marketing strategy. Instagram is a highly successful marketing tool where individual influencers and businesses have secured higher customer outreach.

From sharing secret recipes and your travel plans to improving your brand’s online visibility and generating more sales, Instagram brings many benefits to the table.

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