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It doesn’t matter whether you are at your home or office. You will want to keep your living and working areas free of pest infestation. If we talk about the office, pest-free environments are a sure way to keep employees productive. With that said, sometimes pest problems seem unavoidable even inside regularly cleaned and well looked-after homes and offices. Not to mention hotel rooms where all guests expect high-level cleanliness. Having your hotel infested with a pest can cause severe damage to your reputation and public health. Therefore, the hospitality and tourism industry needs to be extremely careful when it comes to pest control.

A Basic Guide to Keep your Restaurant and Hotel Pest-Free

Keeping your Hotel Pest-Free

The primary responsibility that comes with running a hospitality business is protecting the health of your clients/ visitors and the general public. Pests can cause severe diseases, which get transmitted from one person to another. That said, as a hotel owner, you will have to prevent food from getting contaminated. Also, extreme measures need to be taken to get rid of the pest. There are many pest control services offered online, such as the Power Pest Control, which thoroughly identify the pest and eliminate them. Their service also ensures that the pest does not return and affect your business.

Some Essential Remedies to stay Pest-Free all the Time

1. Proper Disposal of Waste

Trash is around us every day, irrespective of where you are. There are also times where the hostel staff might forget to dispose of the waste properly. This is where pests come in. All kinds of pests, including rodents and cockroaches, are attracted to dirt and trash. They can find their way to trash easily. If you don’t want to see ants, cockroaches, and rodents inside your premises, it is best to have the waste taken out regularly. Make sure to cover the garbage bins with lids so that pests cannot find their way through the bins. Also, remind your staff to properly dispose of the waste after their shift. In case food or drinks get spilled, everything must be wiped clean immediately.

2. Store Food Properly

All hotel and restaurant owners should be familiar with common food pests and store their food properly. You should know the stored food pests, including beetles, lay their eggs behind. Mostly, such infestations remain undetected for a long time as the pests are usually sealed up within the food storage bags.

There are definite steps that hotel and restaurant owners can take to prevent pests from getting inside their premises, and loads of it has something to do with food. While cleanliness should be top-priority, some essential food-storage tips will go a long way to maintain cleanliness and avoid pest infestation. For instance, you should ensure to refrigerate easily spoilt food items within 2 hours. Also, keep checking the temperature of freezers and refrigerators to be below 0 and 40, respectively. Fresh meat, including fish, poultry, lamb, etc., should be cooked or stored within two days. Don’t forget to securely wrap meat and poultry so that meat juices don’t get in touch with other stored food.

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