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If you use the internet, also known as the web and cyberspace, congratulations; you are officially a cyber citizen. With the way that the world of cyber has evolved, being a cyber citizen is similar to being a citizen of a nation and, in a way, a citizen of the world by default.

To start, the two are similar, as some of the related implications are very much related. As a hypothetical example, if a major company in your country is cyberattacked because a remote worker, for example, erroneously thought a free virus scan application sufficed, then the financial losses incurred as by resulting cyberattack could increase national unemployment levels, taxation income for the government will decrease, and additional ripple negative effects are likely to take place.

In other words, the irresponsible cyber citizen also became an irresponsible citizen to their nation.

Extending on this example; the most prudent and wise countermeasure to such an unwelcome cyber attack would be to avoid free tools online, especially when they pertain to cyber security.

The next step would be to download a free trial of a comprehensive cyber security solution to protect all your end-point devices such as tablets, laptops, iOS and Android smart phones, including desktop computers.

Free trial periods are usually no more than 30 days. Realistically, if you assess the product with a daily investment of around 30 minutes a day, you should know if you are comfortable with the given anti-malware cyber security suite.

At the point, you feel confident in the product’s efficacy and are comfortable with the overall user experience. The final step is to purchase the full version of the product for uninterrupted protection from past, very current and zero-day exploits.

Also, it is best to ensure the given solution has a VPN service and protection known as a web protection add-on for browser-level threats.

It is a collective responsibility to take browser security with utmost importance and priority.

A Good Citizen

Now that we have given an example of how being an irresponsible citizen and a cyber citizen can overlap, let’s cover some things you can do to be a good citizen or resident of a nation.

  1. Be a good neighbour.
  2. Help make your neighbourhood safer.
  3. Practice compassion with your fellow citizens.
  4. Respect the property of your fellow citizens.
  5. Abide by-laws and rules.
  6. Volunteer and contribute to your local community.
  7. Be honest and trustworthy.
  8. Play your part in protecting the environment.

A Good Cyber Citizen

Now let’s go over some of the actions you can take to be a good cyber citizen and to even become an exemplary one to your fellow citizens and cyber citizens:

  1. Protect your business’ and home’s end-point devices, including IoT devices, from cyber threats by purchasing reputable cyber security solution with a fantastic track record.
  2. Cybersecurity self-education.
  3. Raise your daily awareness of social engineering.
  4. Spread cyber knowledge in your community.
  5. Avoid free online tools.
  6. Use a good VPN solution.
  7. Secure your passwords.
  8. Raise cyber security awareness in general.

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