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CBD oil ingredients

CBD, sometimes known as cannabidiol, is a product of the cannabis plant and has taken off in popularity as a consumer commodity in recent years because of the health and wellness benefits it can provide. Like any health product there are numerous opinions on its uses and results. When a topic like this is discussed on the internet, it can become overwhelming. At times, the internet can seem like a vast, guideless void with information being tossed around like a football. It can be extremely difficult to determine not only what information is credible but also where to find said information. Author Alfred Glossbenner summed this up, “With so much information now online, it is exceptionally easy to simply dive in and drown.”

How does one find quality and reliable information related to CBD products and innovation? To make things easy, we spoke with a handful of experts to discover the best CBD blogs.

Project CBD

Chris Vaughn is the CEO of Emjay, a Los Angeles based delivery company offering cannabis products such as flower, edibles, concentrates and much more. He has found Project CBD to be a wonderful resource for news and essential information on a variety of CBD topics.

“The best part about Project CBD is that they’re there to simply deliver the information and nothing more. It’s run by journalists who have a passion for getting the truth about the effectiveness of CBD and any new science related developments. Not only do they cover the deep dive, they keep things simple for anyone new to the subject by breaking things down in a digestible manner. If you’re in search of an all-in-one destination for CBD material this is the blog for you.”

CBD school

Good Feels is a brand new beverage company which boasts a manageable cannabis experience through cannabis infused seltzer. Their founder and CEO Jason Reposa, believes that the blog CBD school is a top tier site for learning, and staying up to date on, everything CBD.

“There’s nothing more tiresome than combing Google search results for reputable data or opinions especially when you’re new to a particular topic. CBD School solves this problem for anyone looking to better understand or discover what CBD is and what’s going on globally with it. From product reviews, to detailed scientific explanations, medical opinions and much more, CBD School covers everything about CBD. They even have their own podcast which regularly hosts guests from all reaches of the CBD industry. When I’m looking for answers to a question or simply want to learn more, this is where I go.”

CBD Health & Wellness

CBD Health & Wellness is an online magazine which discusses many of the large-scale CBD developments among other things. Sarah Pirrie is the brand director for Healist Naturals, a CBD retailer focused on bringing physical and mental healing through their products. She considers this publication to be highly informative.

“From top to bottom, CBD Health & Wellness has everything about CBD on their site. One of the biggest draws should be the laws and regulations section as there are drastic changes and innovations happening globally. Outside of this, there are new products and accompanying reviews, research and guides displayed throughout. They go the extra mile when it comes to educating their readers as they regularly host webinars which can also be viewed after the event is over. In my opinion, this is the CBD hub.”

CBD Origin

Jorge Vivar is the creative director of mode, a CBD company geared towards providing customers with a personalized CBD experience aimed at improving their life. He has found CBD Origin to be an excellent place to study and catch up on the world of CBD.

“Anyone can have an opinion on CBD, its uses and effectiveness but unless those opinions are backed by some form of substance they’re entirely useless. This is why I head to CBD Origin for any new or relevant information – they are hands on with any product that comes their way and are active informers on the science side of things as well. Seeing as their goal is to be informative, they also provide relevant news articles and other related resources.”

The CBD Insider

Hush is an online retailer of products which help eliminate tattoo pain and accelerate healing throughout the tattooing process. Their CEO, Ubaldo Perez, believes The CBD Insider is one of the best blogs for discovering any and all information pertaining to CBD.

“Whenever I’ve had the desire to learn more about CBD or discover what’s happening with it, The CBD Insider has been my blog of choice because of the depth in which they cover everything. Their knowledge center is filled with detailed information on the ins and outs of what exactly CBD is and what it does. There are also a variety of news articles posted regularly which cover any developments within the industry. Lastly, any products reviewed on the site are done by an in-house team so there’s nothing questionable happening in that capacity.

CBD Testers

CBD Testers is another online blog which posts diverse CBD content relating to an array of specific topics. Chris Hetherington is the founder and CEO of Peels, a company which provides a CBD product free of THC and hemp because it is made from oranges. He believes the blog CBD Testers can be a great benefit to any reader.

“CBD Testers does a wonderful job of breaking down each article into a category which should make it easy for any site visitors to find the topic of their preference. If people are looking for information about CBD business, science, medical or even recreation, they’ll find all they need on this blog. With daily posts, there’s no better place to go to.”

Hopefully, the opinions above have provided useful insight and resources for all things CBD. With the overabundance of information available on the internet, finding the right place to learn and understand can prove extremely difficult. Overwhelming yourself with information is no way to do this and the internet makes this easy. One should focus on finding a manageable way to navigate the web. Entrepreneur Mitch Kapor summed this up, “Getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.”

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